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AvGeek Bonanza

Travel Gift 08left
Images courtesy 08 Left

08 Left is a small design group of aviation enthusiasts, and they have some incredible products, ranging from t-shirts to coasters to 747 window art frames.

Truly, there is nothing on their site we don’t want, though the pillows and tower art prints are standouts.

08 Left | Varies

Use promo code “onemileatatime” for 15% off any purchase through 12/31/16.

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  1. This has reached a low now that I’m looking at it. Slideshows? You’ve got to be joking me! First the clickbait-y titles start becoming obvious, now this?

  2. That Travelogue looks so fun, and I love the foil-stamped wall art. I also am looking into selling some of my organs so I can buy everything 08 Left sells. #obsessed

  3. For those raging about the slideshow, this is one case where it does make sense. There’s a not insignificant amount of text with each item, and 28 things in one post would be overwhelming. This slideshow loads and runs pretty quick too. At least OMAAT doesn’t excessively use extremely slow slideshows like some other sites *cough* Forbes *cough*

  4. @ Nolan Snoeyink — Thanks for noticing 🙂 We spent a lot of time on the technical side because while we wanted to be able to have something like this to keep certain types of posts organized, we didn’t want a bad experience for readers either.

  5. The gold foil…and the scratch off maps….my travel related shopping addiction has been fueled. I am definitely going to get some of the passport ornaments, I didn’t know those even existed. Super cute.

  6. The best part is you’ve included promo information, whether it be a omaat discount or an AMEX offer.

    I agree I don’t love slideshows but until you overrun us with them I’ll be inclined to click through.

  7. I find the scratch-off maps really interesting, too. Great ideas!

    As for the complaints about “click-baity titles” and slideshows… First, I find the post titles to be pretty representative, for the most part. It’s not like it’s VFTW or anything. Also, this is the first time I recall a slideshow here (not that I view everything every day, but most posts). When every other post, like on some so-called news sites, are slideshows, that is annoying. Once in a long while is fine.

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