What Are The Best Credit Cards For Earning United MileagePlus Miles?

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Unlike when earning Southwest Rapid Rewards points, you won’t have an awesome perk such as the Companion Pass to consider when choosing the best card (or cards) to earn United MileagePlus miles. This means you can focus exclusively on getting the best bonuses possible as well as getting cards that have lucrative bonus categories.

If you compare your options to the best card for earning American AAdvantage miles, you’ll see that you have a distinct advantage if you want to earn United miles. Thanks to United’s partnership with Chase Ultimate Rewards as well as its co-branded cards, you can feasibly earn at least 1.5X points (or miles) on all your spend. In fact, thanks to bonus categories, you’ll often earn 2X to 5X on your spend.

If you’re looking to do some international travel, you might find that the ease of earning United miles paired with United’s award ratesand the Excursionist Perk — make it an ideal strategy for you.

With that, let’s get into it!

Best options for travel

You might be able to earn 2X United miles by booking United flights or booking hotels with the United℠ Explorer Card but the Chase Sapphire Reserve® or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card are actually better choices.

With the Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred, you will earn 3X or 2X Ultimate Rewards points, respectively, on all travel purchases. This means flights and hotels booked through online travel agents such as Orbitz as well as taxi, Uber, and Lyft rides and train tickets. With such a broad bonus category, using one of these cards makes it easy to earn the most points possible without having to think about it.

The Sapphire Reserve might have a $450 annual fee, but the $300 travel credit you’ll receive each cardmember year easily offsets much of that cost if you travel just a little bit. Personally, it has become my go-to card both at home and abroad.

If the annual fee is still a bit much, the Sapphire Preferred and United Explorer card both come with $95 annual fees. However, the broader travel bonus category of the Sapphire Preferred gives it a slight edge.

Best options for restaurants

If you’re someone who eats at restaurants regularly, the Chase Sapphire Reserve comes out ahead thanks to the 3X earning on dining purchases. Of course, you have to decide if the effective $150 annual fee (remember the $300 travel credit) is within your budget at the time.

If not, the Chase Sapphire Preferred again edges out the United Explorer Card as they each earn 2X on dining. While the dining category is the same for both cards, the flexibility of Ultimate Rewards points gives the Sapphire Preferred the edge.

Best options for gas stations

When it comes time to fill up your car, you have a couple options to earn 2X points on these purchases and both are business cards: the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card and the United MileagePlus® Explorer Business Card.

Again, the Chase Ink Cash has a slight edge because it earns Ultimate Rewards points and because it doesn’t have an annual fee. If this is a big category for you, keep in mind that the Ink Cash only earns 2X on the first $25,000 you spend on gas during a cardmember year.

Of course, you also need to hold the Sapphire Reserve or Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card if you want the points you earn to transfer to airline and hotel partners.

The United Explorer Business Card has a $95 annual fee but you might want to include in your wallet as it will provide a free checked bag on United when you use the card to pay for your flight. Additionally, it also provides priority boarding. The United Explorer Card also comes with these benefits as well as a $100 credit for a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application.

Best option for internet, cable and phone bills

The Chase Ink Cash is the clear winner here for most people. It earns 5X on internet, cable and phone bills up to $25,000 per cardmember year. The Ink Preferred earns 3X on these purchases but with a limit of $150,000 per cardmember year. While that higher limit is nice, I have a feeling most people won’t spend quite that much.

The United Explorer Business Card earns 2X, but it just doesn’t compare to either the Ink Cash or Ink Preferred.

Best option for office supplies

Office supplies is another chance for you to take advantage of another 5X bonus category with the Chase Ink Cash. The $25,000 limit per cardmember year is combined between office supplies and internet, cable and phone bills so you’ll have to consider that in your decision.

Again, the United Explorer Business Card earns 2X which just doesn’t quite make the cut unless you’ll exceed the $25,000 limit on earning 5X with the Ink Cash.

Best option for digital advertising

When Chase launched the Ink Preferred card, it opened up a new opportunity for businesses to earn tons of Ultimate Rewards points that could easily be transferred to United. Prior to that, with the Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express, you could select digital advertising as your 3X category (up to $100,000 per calendar year) and it was by far the best option.

Now that you can earn 3X on digital ad spend up to $150,000 per cardmember year with the Ink Preferred, it’s a whole new ballgame. In fact, a good friend of mine switched over some of his company’s ad spend for just this reason. Needless to say, I’m insanely jealous of the fact that he earns so many Ultimate Rewards points without breaking a sweat. But, I digress.

Best options for other purchases

Finally, if you are somehow making a purchase outside one of these bonus categories, you have four card options that earn 1.5X. The Chase Freedom Unlimited® and the Chase Ink Business Unlimited℠ Card both earn 1.5X Ultimate Rewards points on all purchases.

Yep, it’s that simple. No bonus categories, just a simple 1.5X across the board. As with the Chase Ink Cash, you’ll need to hold a card that earns Ultimate Rewards points and has an annual fee if you want to transfer these points to United.

The other two options earn 1.5X United miles on all purchases except those with United — which earn 2X. These cards are the United MileagePlus® Club Card and the United MileagePlus® Club Business Card. These cards both come with a United Club Membership but an annual fee of $450. When it comes to earning 1.5X, I just don’t think these come close to the Freedom Unlimited or Ink Unlimited.

Chase application rules

Before you dive into getting any of the above cards, make sure you are familiar with the Chase 5/24 rule. Chase limits the cards you can get if you have opened 5 or more cards within the last 24 months and all of these cards are on what you might call the restricted list.

As I’ve said in other articles, this is why cards that earn valuable Ultimate Rewards points should be first on your list if you’re new to earning miles and points with credit cards.

Bottom line

It’s pretty clear where I stand on this. If you want to earn tons of United MileagePlus miles, the best path is really through the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. I’m not saying a big welcome bonus on a co-branded United card or the benefits that come with United cards aren’t useful. They definitely can be, but the welcome bonuses with Ultimate Rewards cards paired with the bonus categories will likely earn you more.

One other plus to earning Ultimate Rewards points is that you aren’t tied to United. While you may plan on using United miles, you might find that an award with a different partner or a cash fare booked with points in the Chase travel portal is a better choice at times.

Since Ultimate Rewards transfer to United almost instantly, you can allow yourself some flexibility while still earning points for some great United awards.

What cards do you use to maximize United miles?

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  1. Let me add one more way we earn UA points with a UA credit card—and probably the most points. We often take cruises and have learned to book them through United Cruises (www.cruises.united.com.) They match the best deals we find on any cruise website (except those that are controlled by third party agents that have pre-purchased space) and we earn up to 7 additional UA miles per dollar when using our UA credit card (and sometimes rebates on top of that). If you don’t use a UA card to book, you might earn 3 UA points. Plus, our UA Club Card Visa includes trip insurance (cancellation, delay, interruption, etc.), so we don’t bother buying it from the cruise line. (We have a separate annual international health insurance travel policy for medical emergencies). The bonus miles show up after the completion of our cruises. So a cruise that costs us about $10k for two can net us a bonus of about 70k UA miles. This works for both ocean cruises and ocean cruises. If we don’t see the exact same cruise on UA cruises that we have targeted, we just call our UA cruises agent and she contacts the cruise line and gets the same or better deal—plus the miles. There are just so many cruises in the world that UA doesn’t list them all on their website. We can also use our UA miles to book cruises, but we haven’t done that yet. If there is ever a problem with our booking (hasn’t happened yet) at least we have the clout of UA behind us to get it fixed. P.S. We don’t have anything to do with UA or UA cruises, we just love their miles.

  2. The best way of earning United Miles is using Chase Reserve and MileagePlus dining. I get 3x of UR points and 5x United miles each time I visit participating restaurants

  3. Don’t forget the MileagePlus X app, effectively allows you to buy a gift card while you are shopping at a store or online in order to then use that giftcard for your purchase. Great if your miles are expiring, too.

  4. @Alex Z sez: “The best way of earning United Miles is using Chase Reserve and MileagePlus dining. I get 3x of UR points and 5x United miles each time I visit participating restaurants.”

    Bingo! That is exactly right. A truly lucrative avenue for earning UA miles at a rate of 8x remains an under-tapped resource, even though I’d expounded on its value nearly 2 years ago [1], just after I’d written about how the CSR and UA were a perfect match [2].

    Check’em out!


    (Just type the titles in a search engine box to find the sources. I will also post the link in the next post, but there are no guarantees.)

    [1] “Earn up to 8 points/dollar on the Chase Sapphire Reserve by double dipping!”

    [2] “UA MileagePlus and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa: The Loyalty Game’s One-Stop Shop”:

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