Behind the scenes at Travelzoo

I just saw this “behind the scenes” Travelzoo video, and learned a few new things. I had no clue what a huge operation the weekly “Top 20” list was. I figured it was just one nerd at a computer publishing all this, not teams in five different offices.

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  1. Key line that is easily overlooked: “travel providers can pay to be listed in the top 20” .

    Sure, they add that this is no guarantee to be included, but c’mon. If it’s great deal A that comes with 10K$ versus an equivalent great deal B that comes with nada, which is going to make the list?

  2. guy with a computer? It’s a publicly traded company (not sure if that’s mentioned in the video. Too busy to watch right now)

  3. I read their weekly email, but if they have all this staff working, should the deals be better? I mean, their deals are usually respectable, but they’re rarely “wow.” I don’t think I’ve actually ever booked one. A 5-minute search of flyertalk’s mileage run and “hotel deals” section, perhaps with a visit to the airfarewatchdog’s “top 50 airfares,” will invariably yield better savings.

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