Increased Welcome Bonus On Asiana Credit Card

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In terms of lesser known US credit cards, Bank of America issues the Asiana Visa Signature Card, and it has an increased welcome bonus at the moment. The card usually has a rather sad welcome bonus of 10,000 miles, though at the moment you can earn 30,000 bonus miles after making $3,000 or more in purchases within the first 90 days of account opening.


The card has a $99 annual fee, which isn’t waived the first year.

The card also offers some spend bonus categories, including double points on gas and groceries. That still wouldn’t be my go to card for those purchases, as I’d rather use the Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card (which offers up to 4.5x points at U.S. supermarkets and up to 3x points at U.S. gas stations) or American Express® Gold Card (which offers 4x points at U.S. supermarkets – up to $25,000 per year).

However, there are a couple of things that may make this card worth considering.


First of all, the card is issued by Bank of America, which is historically one of the easiest issuers to get approved through. They even often let people have multiple versions of the same card. Probably the most popular card for miles & points people from Bank of America is the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card, which offers a sign-up bonus of 30,000 miles plus a $100 statement credit upon completing minimum spend.

What really makes Asiana’s frequent flyer program interesting is their award chart. Below is their award chart for roundtrip flights, with one-ways costing half as much:


As you can see, there are some fantastic values to be had here, including booking one-way first class tickets between the US and Europe for just 50,000 miles. Do keep in mind that the process of booking an Asiana award ticket can be a bit cumbersome, and also that they impose fuel surcharges on award tickets.

Still, 50,000 miles for a one-way Lufthansa first class ticket between the US and Europe is a lot cheaper than the 110,000 miles that United MileagePlus charges.

Lufthansa-First-Class-747 - 1

Also keep in mind that Asiana’s program is a Marriott Bonvoy transfer partner, so you can top off your Asiana mileage balance using points earned on various cards.

Earn Marriott Bonvoy Points

Bottom line

The increased welcome bonus on the Asiana Visa Card isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who has had many cards, this might be worth considering, especially since Bank of America cards are historically pretty easy to get approved for. While this isn’t a mega sign-up bonus, it is the best offer I ever recall seeing on this card.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor of Credit)

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  1. Is your understanding that the miles expire in 10 years? And do you read it that you could keep the card, pay the fee, and get 10,000 miles each year?

  2. Looks like the $100 credit for Asiana purchases would negate the AF for anyone who actually flies OZ once a year. Seems worth it to rack up the 10,000 bonus mile certs and maybe even use to book on OZ.

    Also worth noting that unless it has changed, Asiana offers the easiest lifetime Star Alliance Gold status out there at only 500,000 miles flown (and I don’t think that they have to be on OZ metal). Could be worth grabbing this card and crediting your *A flights to OZ to snag lifetime status.

  3. @Kate They don’t actually put 10k miles in your account as far as I know, you are sent a physical certificate worth 10k miles that you have to submit when booking. I don’t know whether they have one year expiration dates or longer, though.

  4. does anyone know whether the 10K annual certificate has expiration date?
    and if not, can multiple certificates accumulated over the years be combined when booking?
    i would certainly be applying for the card if i can keep the annual certificates over time.
    Lucky, if your link triggers any benefit to this blog, i will apply through it. otherwise, i will be visiting one of their branches.

  5. Taxes/fuel surcharges are very steep like ba. I booked us-Europe ow in business and it was ~$500, but I’ll take the surcharges considering the reasonable mileage cost. And can’t beat their *G requirements.

  6. The annual certificate has 1 year expiration, and you can’t use multiple certificates on one award. But you can use one certificate per one-way.

  7. The real gem here is Southern South America. 35k one way to Brazil and Argentina in business on any Star Alliance carrier or or 45k in United Global First with no fuel surcharges. If you don’t mind calling and dealing with a non-functional website, the agents are at least competent once you finally reach them.

  8. Anyone know if you can get the bonus if you’ve already had this card before? I had the old AMEX version and canceled less than a year ago.

  9. Wow that certificate sucks then…. I thought they were giving you 10k miles every year.

    Lucky….. LH F fares aren’t available on any award ticket besides LH’s own Miles&More.
    You won’t even find any nonstop reaward J fares from LH, and even on UA.

    Keep in mind that there aren’t even J saver fares on UA even on UA’s own miles.
    And burning 150k UA miles for a oneway TATL flight would be extremely stupid IMO.

    The only option remaining is TK and TP.
    You can fly J to IST on TK metals for 40k OZ miles+$200 YR or for 70k UA miles.
    The interesting thing is, this route isn’t available on Friday as saver award (150k UA miles then)
    while there is no difference for OZ miles. OZ wins hands down against UA for TATL.

    YQ/YR on OZ isn’t that bad. You just have to avoid the LH gangs in Europe and a few carriers like SQ.
    Others’ remain non (UA, OZ, AI, LO, SK, TG, NZ) or negligible (A3, NH, BR – just a few bucks)

    Just try to avoid these carriers below when burning OZ miles:
    LH, TK, SQ, OS, JP, OU, TP, SA, ZH, ET
    Seems like a lot, but only the first three are the major ones.

    AC: YQ/YR only on domestic routes
    LX: YQ/YR only on flights departing in a European country.

    Unknown: CA, MS, SN (only CA is a major one)

    YQ/YR is easy to avoid while burning OZ miles, and even if you pay some, the favorable redeem rates more than make it up on many routes compared to UA.

    OZ is really great, especially and ironically for the most frequent UA flyers residing in North America.

  10. Do the miles accumulated through the sign up bonus and the credit card usage count towards your status as well for Asiana?

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