Arrested on Virgin America for…?

Check out this TechCrunch story about someone getting arrested for not turning off their electronic devices quickly enough. Or in this case, turning off their electronic devices quickly enough, but the flight attendant still calling the captain to call the authorities.

There are two sides to every story, and I’m sure there’s a bit more to this. But the fact that cops were called over what was no doubt a non event (even if the passenger was rude the whole flight, which I’m not saying he was) is sad.

What makes this story slightly more credible than the typical “I got kicked off a plane” story is that the guy’s a frequent flyer. That makes me a bit more likely to believe the story, since I would assume he knows the routine.

So the moral of the story is, be careful what you do on an airplane. Don’t get into any confrontations (I know, I shouldn’t be talking), and if you do but are in the right, make sure you have witnesses. When it’s a post-9/11 flight attendant vs. you alone, you lose.

But fortunately a vast majority of flight attendants aren’t like that. But when you catch a bad apple on a bad day, be prepared.

(Tip of the hat to Eric)

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  1. Anyone under the age of 70 that refers to a flight attendant as a “steward” should get arrested on principle.

  2. [b]twothirds[/b]: going by Ressi’s name, I expect / suspect him to be Italian (or, more in general, “European”). In a lot of European countries (for example, in my home country The Netherlands), “steward” and “stewardess” are still common names for what Americans call “Flight Attendants”.

  3. i’m convinced that half of the reason that blaring video starts playing during pushback is to make it impossible for the self-important jerks still talking on their phones to actually carry on a normal conversation ­čÖé

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