The Official Chase Sapphire Reserve Landing Page Is Now Up

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This morning online applications became available for the new Sapphire Reserve Card, which is offering an incredible 100,000 point welcome bonus. That’s in addition to the long term value the card will offer, like a $300 annual travel credit, plus triple points on dining and travel.

The application was available starting early in the day on the East Coast, though it seems like they may not have been fully set up at the time. While you could load the actual application, there wasn’t an official landing page for the card that directed to the application. In other words, the application as such didn’t indicate the 100,000 point welcome bonus.

This wasn’t really an issue, since the only version of the offer is for 100,000 points upon completing minimum spend, and those who got approved were able to confirm the bonus by calling after the fact.

So while I felt comfortable recommending applying through that link, some people remained (understandably) skeptical, and wanted to wait until the official application with the landing page was out before applying.

Well, the official Chase Sapphire Reserve landing page is now available, and it indicates the 100,000 point welcome bonus. The page has been a bit glitchy the past hour, so there’s a chance you may get an error message, in which case I recommend waiting a few minutes and then trying again.


So if you’re one of those people who was waiting, now you have it!

Lastly, keep in mind that Chase doesn’t seem to be approving people for the card if they’ve opened more than five credit cards in the past 24 months, so it’s something to be aware of. Those people still have the option of upgrading an existing card, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, to the Sapphire Reserve. However, if you do so, you’ll be forgoing the welcome bonus.

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  1. @Ben, Is this your affiliate link or is Chase not giving travel bloggers commissions on this card?

  2. Is it “more than 5” or “5 or more” in the past 24 months? I’ve seen it both ways on various blogs.

  3. FYI, for the moment, that landing page link 404s.

    “The page you requested has either moved or no longer exists.”

  4. Do you know if Chase plans to keep 100,000 miles as the standard sign up bonus for the card? I didn’t see anything in the offer details to say it was a limited-time offer. I’ve had 6 cards applied for and approved in the last 14 months, so I think it will be a while before I can get approved due to 5/24. So I’m just wondering if it looks like the bonus will stick around, in which case I can wait.

  5. @Lucky – Do you know if Uber is considered travel? Seems like it should given that the travel category includes taxis and limos, but it’s not explicit…

  6. @ Alan — We don’t know, unfortunately. I doubt it will be the long term standard sign-up bonus, but rather is introductory as a way of making a splash. I’d guess it’ll be around for at least a couple of months, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

  7. @Lucky Do you know of an easy way to see how many cards I’ve applied for in the last 24 months? I think I’m at 4 but there is one that might put me over the edge. Thanks!

  8. Yehey!!!! Got approved. Was surprised with the credit limit. It’s twice from what I got from Chase Sapphire Preferred when I applied 7 months ago.

  9. Just applied for the Reserve. It looks like they are looking at even more than the standard Chase 5/24 rule and even beyond the partner cards too. Per the senior rep, if you have opened for ANY 5 credit cards reported by TransUnion within the last 2 years (they even cited an Amazon store card), they will turn you down for the Reserve. Very frustrating!

  10. I have a CSP card with my wife being the authorized user. Can my wife apply CSR and get the sign up bonus? Or do I need to remove her from the CSP authorized user list before she can apply? Secondly, after she gets the sign up bonus, it is possible for us to merge points rignt?

  11. @Abidjan — Here are the Chase Ultimate Rewards airline and hotel transfer partners. What this does is it kills the co-brand Chase UA cards for me (well, maybe not completely the Club Card if because I want to keep the UC membership and it better for general spend @ 1.5mile/$; but for travel/dining spend the CSR will now reign supreme):

    Airline Program Transfer Ratio
    FlyingBlue AirFrance / KLM 1:1
    British Airways Executive Club 1:1
    Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer 1:1
    United Airlines MileagePlus 1:1
    Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards 1:1
    Korean Air SKYPASS 1:1
    Virgin Atlantic Flying Club 1:1


    Hotel Program Transfer Ratio
    Marriott Rewards 1:1
    Hyatt Gold Passport 1:1
    IHG Rewards Club 1:1
    The Ritz-Carlton Rewards 1:1

  12. Hey do you know if chase approves right away or do they always send the “we’ll let you know..” Promt. Happened to me with the sapphire preffered and they wanted all sorts of information before they approved me. Don’t want it to happen again. I mean, can’t they see I already have a card with them?

  13. Just applied. No immediate approval. Probably because I have several Chase cards already. I’d be more than happy to move some credit limit around. And eventually I will get rid of the CSP. I don’t think I’ve gotten any new cards from them for a couple of years so I should be safe from the 5/24 standpoint. I guess I will give it a few days and maybe give them a call.

  14. Hi Lucky,

    I have 3 personal cards (amex, Aviator Red, BoA) and 3 biz (2 chase ink and one citi AA). I want to cancel my Aviator Red. Would you recommend cancelling it before or after I apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve? I sort of thought it might be good to cancel beforehand so it doesn’t look like I already have too much credit extended? But is that the wrong conclusion?

  15. Does ‘we’ll let you know’ actually mean ‘no’? I thought I was under 5/24 and I have excellent credit and a decent income…. seems like my friends who are in debt, have missed payments, and make half as much get approved for twice the number of cards I do – makes no sense. Should I call a rep or wait for a letter?

  16. Ugggh. Credit score of 820+, never a missed payment, income 100K plus, and definitely under 5/24. “We’ll let you know”.

  17. Has there been any confirmation on the Priority Pass membership, as to what the guesting rights are? Ala Citi or ala Amex. Free guests? $25 each? Also, is the PP membership only for primary card holder or for any authorized users?

  18. I think I just found the answer to my own question about Authorized User in the “Pricing & Terms” link from the landing page: “each additional card: $75 per year.” I assume “additional card” is the same as an Authorized User.

  19. Also, too add my own data point. 10+/24, but somehow got a pre-approval status according to a banker, and thus instantly approved with a 20k CL

  20. Got the “we need a little more time” right at 5/24. Waiting on the recon number as I’d like to cancel sapphire preferred and move to reserve but hoping for the bonus

  21. Hey my wife and I both got the Sapphire Reserve today…can you still use venmo to reach the minimum spending requirement? Thanks

  22. 3/24, 100k income, No running balances and just a mortgage for loans. Insta-Approved with a 30k limit. Trying to figure out how to expedite to ensure its in hand for the US Open.

  23. I have only opened 2 new cards within the last 24 months, my credit score is 780+, and my income is 500k+ annually, so I applied for the card today online thinking I’d be approved immediately. I was surprised I instead got a pending review email. I thought I’d see what’s going on so I decided to call the chase credit card application line (I Googled for the number). I waited almost an hour before talking to someone because I guess everyone is calling about this card. The guy asked me a few basic questions like my income, mortgage payment, my occupation, etc. He also looked at my credit utilization and whether I was paying everything on time. He then basically said that because I have more than $70K of credit in my Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton cards, that was the reason that the application was on hold. He said that he could move my credit from the Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton cards to the new card and approve me right away OR if I wanted more credit than what he was offering me (15K), then I would have to wait for a letter within the next 30 days. I opted to move some of my credit around and got approved instantly (not rly I used almost 90 minutes of my time). That’s my version of the story.

  24. Got the “we’ll let you know” as well…is it worth calling before they make a decision? Or should I wait to see if I need to call them?

  25. Does the Priority Pass include guests, like Citi’s? I’m unimpressed so far with Citi and considering dumping it, but the PP guest feature has value.

  26. So if I make a travel-related purchase that is eligible for the $300 credit within the first 3 months of having the card, would that still apply to my minimum spend?

  27. Arugh, I got the “we’ll let you know” as well. I just did a scan, I have definitely opened up 5 cards in the past 24 months. The ‘oldest’ card I opened in that period was as of 9/8/14 and another one on 9/9/14. If I get rejected this time, do you know if could I apply again for the reserve in a months time and get approved when those cards have “cleared” the list?

  28. 4/25, score 800+ as is salary and declined….I guess they didnt like I closed some cards, no other explanation given…..frankly don’t really care, I’ll just take my biz elsewhere.

  29. Was initially in pending status but just got approved after a phone call. The rep went through a detailed review of income and credit and I had to move part of my credit line from the Preferred card to this one. BTW, she said that they were not offering rush shipping due to demand and this being a new card.

  30. Called Chase after got pending. Was told app was in pending because of my ‘exposure’ with Chase. When I asked what that meant, I was told my combined credit lines on my IHG, Freedom, and Ink cards were over 60K. If I was willing to move some credit today from IHG and/or Freedom (can’t move credit from business to personal), could approve me today for a 15K credit line. If I wanted a higher credit line, that would have to go through review and could take up to 30 days. Was given the option of how much I wished to move from each card. Of course, I accepted the 15K line gladly. Rep confirmed my income amt, source, employer name, whether I owned or rented and amt of monthly payment. Said approved and would receive card and welcome packet in mail in 1 – 2 weeks. I asked if there was any way to get it sooner as I have a trip coming up, and he said, as PM1 stated, that at this time they are not able to expedite that card do to demand.

    Hope this helps give others a reference point… I suggest calling if in pending. If it is any reason other than 5/24 you will have a chance to clear things up and get the card sooner than waiting for a letter, and if you are not going to be approved for some reason at least you’ll know and can apply for a different one if desired.

  31. I have a question. I have a CSP. After I get the reserve, can I just transfer my CSP to a freedom unlimited, keep in mind I already have a freedom. I would like both and not want to hurt my credit by closing the CSP. Also, if I can, is there a way to get the sign up bonus for the freedom unlimited?


  32. @lairdb
    It appears this priority pass allows you to take in guests for free. “You and your travel companions…”
    The theory on Reddit is that it’s unlimited(ish) guests like the PP through the Ritz card (which is also Visa Infinite).

  33. Can anyone confirm with Chase Sapphire cards (I want to try this on the new Reserve card) to obtain the $300 travel credit, can I buy $300 of an airline giftcard? Thanks!

  34. Ben – I love the website. It is so informative and helpful!

    Quick question. I’m about to sign up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I’m wondering if I transfer my points to one of the partner airlines (e.g. Southwest) is the redemption value still at 1.5x? or is it better to book all my flights through the Chase travel portal to maximize the points/rewards?


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