Applying For The Alaska Business Card: My Experience

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Recently I wrote about the Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Credit Card, and the reasons you should consider applying for it. My memory on the card was jogged because frankly I’m otherwise really happy with my card portfolio now, but this is both a card with a great welcome bonus, and also a card I see myself keeping long term.

The Alaska Visa Business Card offers a welcome bonus of 30,000 Mileage Plan miles after spending $1,000 within 90 days. On a per mile basis I consider Mileage Plan miles to be the most valuable mileage currency out there, and I value those miles at ~$600.

On top of that, the card offers Alaska’s companion ticket the first year as part of the welcome bonus. You just have to pay the taxes and fees for the second passenger, starting at just $22.

Alaska offers the single most valuable companion ticket certificate there is, in my opinion, as you and your companion both earn miles, can both upgrade, etc. There’s a lot of value to be had.

There’s lots of value to be had with the Alaska companion certificate

The other great thing is that in subsequent years you get a $99 companion certificate, so by the time you pay taxes and fees you’re looking at taking a companion with you for as little as $121, which is an excellent value, and makes this card a keeper long term. For what it’s worth, the card has a $75 annual fee for one user.

This is a card I really wanted, so I applied for the Alaska Visa Business Card about five days ago. When I applied I got a message saying my application was being reviewed.

While instant approvals are ideal, I find that nowadays I mostly get some sort of a pending period, which is ultimately fine, as long as I end up getting approved. 😉

Fortunately my approval came through two days later. Interestingly it wasn’t by email or even by letter, but rather by text.

Bottom line

I’m excited to have the Alaska Visa Business Card. Not only does the card have a solid welcome bonus of 30,000 Mileage Plan miles upon completing minimum spend plus an Alaska companion ticket, but this is also a card I find is worth holding onto long term for the $99 annual companion ticket.

Also, while I’m personally not trying to get under 5/24, I’d note that applying for this card won’t count as a further inquiry towards 5/24, as this shouldn’t show up on your personal credit report.

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  1. What is your relationship with BoA, especially with regard to bank accounts? That seems to be a key factor now. Also how many cards do you have with them and how recently were they opened?

  2. Are there 2 different bonuses associated with the business card? In my experience with the personal card, they advertised a 30k bonus however it was a bait & switch! They actually gave me 5k bonus with the same spend requirement (1k in 90 days). Apparently, the offer was only if you got approved for at least 5,000 USD credit line (Visa Signature). If they gave you any lower of a credit line then you’d automatically be switched to the lower (unpublicized) offer. I was furious with BoA for such false advertising. They say one thing and then offer you something totally inferior. I have multiple Visa Signature and even some Visa Infinite cards yet BoA didn’t think my credit line should be higher than 2k. Wouldn’t even mind the low credit line if it wasn’t for the horrible bonus which I only found out about after applying. I canceled out of frustration. Total BS advertising! So does the business version also play bait and switch or are all approvals worth 30k?

  3. I too am interested in your relationship with B of A.

    I used to have a mortgage and personal checking with B of A and got probably 5-6 business and 3-4 personal Alaska cards from them, never without a problem. Now I have no relationship with them and the two times I applied I was asked to submit the last two years tax form and business license. I was denied for both stating I had no business credit established, even though I have a legit business for 22 years.

  4. 2 rumors I’ve seen online recently. I say rumors because I haven’t seen these reported enough times to be sure about them:

    Signature and Platinum cards now both get the same 30K mile sign up bonus. Whereas in the past if you got stuck with a Platinum card, the bonus was a measly 5K miles.

    B/A is now more likely to deny an app due to MAC (multiple applications for credit), from all banks, not just B/A. Unfortunately no one has a clue how many is ‘too many”.

  5. It seems like most people with ‘businesses’ have a fair bit of trouble getting this card (based on various forum comments).

    Does anyone know if it is better to try for this card before the personal version or after? Thanks in advance. Also do keep your eyes out for the 40k personal version via VPN to Cali.

    Best to all.

  6. Jan,
    I was approved for the business version after being denied the personal version on my last three applications. I’ve held the business version once before and the personal version like 10 tiimes

  7. I was approved for a 40 K bonus/ $ 2,000 spend for a personal card, the link for which I found until end of December on the Alaska booking page. Never had anything to do with BoA. Since I have it here in print, hopefully no bait and switch.

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