Another great stay at the InterContinental San Francisco

This past weekend I had a quick one night stay in San Francisco, and as some of you may remember back in December I asked whether I should stay at the InterContinental or the InterContinental Mark Hopkins. I had previously always stayed at the InterContinental, which is hands down my favorite sub-$250/night hotel in the US. Well, I was finally prepared to give the Mark Hopkins a try given their new (more generous) upgrade policy, lower rate, and open club lounge (vs. the one at the InterContinental being closed). As I was about to book, though, the price went up to slightly more than the rate of the InterContinental. So I ended up going with my favorite hotel. Interestingly enough the rate dropped back down the following day, so if I didn’t know better I would have to guess they didn’t want me to stay there!

Anyway, I won’t be writing a full review of the hotel, as I’ve done that before. The most comprehensive review is of my stay in the King Bay Suite and I also wrote one when I stayed in a junior suite. This time around I got a one bedroom suite on the 29th floor. As usual, the room was stunning — the furniture was modern without being “in your face,” everything was functional, and best of all the views were phenomenal.

The room has a desk, small dining room table, sofa, and chairs in the main room, along with a decent sized bedroom and bathroom.

Living room

Living room




Welcome gift

Nothing new here, but this hotel has the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in, Westin Heavenly Beds included. I simply didn’t want to get up.

The club lounge was closed for the holidays and was only reopening the morning I was leaving the hotel, so I received coupons for free drinks at Bar 888, coupons for breakfast in the restaurant, and a coupon for $50 off a $100 spa service. I ended up having breakfast in the lounge anyway since it had just reopened so I had it all to myself. The club lounge staff really is among the best out there. When I first arrived I was asked for my name and room number, and as soon as I gave the agent the information she said “Ah, Mr. Lucky I remember you, welcome back.” Don’t think she actually did, but a nice touch. I was addressed by name from that point forward.

Since I’ve been working out for a few months now, I guess I should start adding some comments about hotel fitness facilities. For the first time I checked out the pool and gym. I was kind of peeved, as I specifically packed my running shoes, shirt, and shorts for the trip, but when I arrived in SF I realized that I actually left my shorts at home — crap! It was freezing but I really wanted to work out, so I asked at the concierge desk where the nearest place to buy shorts is. The concierge suggested Burlington Coat Factory, which is right across the street, although cautioned me that it was “a lower end discount store.” Love it! 😀

Not meaning to turn this into a review of Burlington Coat Factory, but that was an adventure in and of itself. Let’s just say that an interesting crowd seems to hang out there. While I immediately spotted some bathing trunks, I couldn’t find shorts. So I just went with those and figured I could use them for swimming and running. Unfortunately it took nearly 20 minutes to check-out, as everyone seemed to be buying in bulk — the girl in front of me must have been buying lingerie for the next 20 years.

Anyway, both the pool and gym were great. The pool was nice and warm and good for doing laps, while the gym had personal TVs with headphones to stay entertained at every treadmill.

So as usual I had a great stay. No doubt I’ll be back soon.

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  1. LUCKY,

    Love the pics.

    I’m so jealous of you! Living the great luxury lifestyle. FLY F, 5 STARS HOTEL at the great price. I’m learning! The joy of MR and Hotel MR feel like my little private dream world/hobby, love it!

    Now my goal is to enjoy all the Oneworld F lounge, can’t wait for my card to arrive.


  2. Coins said ‘Not meaning to turn this into a review of Burlington Coat Factory, but that was an adventure in and of itself. Let’s just say that an interesting crowd seems to hang out there’.
    While this may be true downtown San Francisco, it’s not the case in the NY ‘burbs.

  3. For future reference, you could probably get running shorts at the Old Navy on Market St. SF is Gap’s WHQ.

  4. lucky – was the 1 bdrm suite an upgrade? what room did u book originally? when i was there in dec, i was told RAs no longer get upgrades past jr suites. just curious to see if there have been changes… : )

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