And another 25,000 Continental miles thanks to Chase!

I posted last week about my trip to the local Chase branch to sign up for a Chase checking account for 25,000 Continental miles. At the time I only signed up for a personal checking account, but today I went back to sign up for a business checking account. I opened the account as a sole proprietorship, with the business name being my name. I made a $500 initial deposit (the minimum required) and got the $65 debit card required for the offer. 30 minutes later I was 25,000 miles richer (once the miles post in 8-10 weeks, of course).

So, to recap, for $90 ($25 fee and $65 fee) and about two hours of my time I am 50,000 miles richer. If you have a Chase bank near you, there is absolutely no excuse to not take advantage of this offer. You can open one business and one personal account per calendar year, so in January I’ll go back and open up another personal and business account, assuming the offer is still around.

If you’re interested, you can find the personal checking account offer here and the business checking account offer here. You have to print out the offers with the unique codes and take them with you when you open a new account.

Also, since there was some confusion about this on my original post, I wanted to clarify that you only need to sign up for the $25 debit card for the personal checking account to qualify for this offer. You don’t need to sign up for the $65 card. For the business checking account, however, the $65 Continental debit card is the only option. Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that in order to keep the business account fee free, you need to use your debit card five times a month OR maintain a minimum balance in your account of $4,000. That works for me, since I’ll use it five times a month for three months, and as soon as the miles post I’ll cancel my account.

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  1. Can you do this for United airlines and other frequent flyer programs as well, or is this specifically a CO offer?

  2. There is also a United offer, but it’s not nearly as lucrative as this one. Continental has the best offer by far.

  3. The business account is also kept free with one charge to a Chase business card a month, that is linked to the account. Also, any personal account is also free if the business is free.

  4. @ Bikeguy — Didn’t realize that, thanks.

    @ imm2b — While I didn’t try it out (I should have, I know), I don’t believe so based on what I’ve heard.

  5. The Chase business checking offer is nice, but the personal checking has a snag: “excluding branches in California.” Bummer.

    On the other hand, in California only, Chase will give you $100 cash for opening a checking account.

  6. @Ron – Did you go to a branch in California and they told you no miles? So, only the Chase business checking qualified for the miles?

  7. when did you buy the debit card for the personal account…at the bank? and then did they just ship the card to you?

    i went this weekend and signed up — i’m a premier chase account holder so the guy didn’t charge me anything…do i still get the debit card and then just make 5 purchases to get the 25,000 miles?

  8. @ Scott — I signed up for the card at the bank, and it was sent to me within a week. I assume the fee will be deducted from my account within the next couple of weeks. Not sure about your specific scenario, but I think you’ll be fine if you signed up for the Continental debit card specified.

  9. Just to clarify…

    I was told that since the business account and the Premier Checking account (persona) were linked together, they would be fee-free.

    Also, on the personal account, it says to get the first 10,000 miles, you either have to set up direct deposit or make 5 “debit card” purchases (i.e. PIN) in the first 60 days, then you get the other 15,000 for your first “qualifying purchase” (i.e. select “credit”/sign for/online/etc.)

    I’ve had a Chase checking account for 3 years, so I just signed up for these for the miles – but I want to make sure I’m doing the correct things with each of my 3 almost-identical accounts. :-p

  10. @Scott – The way I read this fine print – “Account is subject to approval. Chase CheckingSM is available only at Chase branded branches, excluding branches in California.” – The way I read it is that in California, Chase is also WAMU (brought out by Chase), therefore, it doesn’t has to be at a Chase BRANDED branches. I don’t think California is excluded in this deal. Anyway, I’ll try to open an account today and we’ll see what happens.

  11. Hey- opened accounts one month ago. Miles just posted (only 45k – 2x10k and 2×12.5k), but I’m thinking about closing the accounts before the fees are assessed. Do you think they’ll yank my miles?

  12. Signed up for this yesterday. The lower option debit card was still available for the personal checking account. I doubt they will yank the miles. I couldn’t find anything in the small print stating that the miles were contingent upon the account staying open for a given amount of time. However if you do close the account within 90 days, a $25 fee applies. Also, it’s 10k miles once you use the debit card, and then another 15k after using it 5 times, or setting up direct deposit. The 15k is made up of 12.5k from Chase and 2.5k from CO. Tomas – That would explain why only 45k posted to your account. Perhaps CO just haven’t allocated your miles yet, and hopefully they will sometime soon.

  13. Lucky, have your miles posted? if so, how long did it take. I’ve already received a statement, but no miles!

  14. @ Blankeeta — Yes they have. The miles for the personal account posted about two weeks after I signed up, and the miles for the business account took a bit over four weeks.

  15. Do they run a credit check? I’m refinancing my house over the next couple of months and don’t want another inquiry.

  16. Chris is right. They make you get the prefered card now for the personal offer so the fee is $65.

  17. @Marisa- I asked about this- and Chase told me that you can choose which of the two accounts you want the fees waived for (premier or business)- and that the two accounts don’t cancel each other’s fees.

    I agree that their advertising is contradictory…

    If you did this, can you write with your experience with this? What happened? Did they cancel each other’s fees or did it only do it for one?

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