AMAZING DEAL: Amex Platinum Card 100K Welcome Bonus

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Update: This offer for The Platinum Card® from American Express has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Earlier today I posted about how American Express often has increased welcome bonuses on a targeted basis. These can come in the form of mailers, emails, or even just randomly pop up when you visit the Amex website.

Well, no need to hope for any of the above, as American Express is offering a 100,000 point welcome bonus on the Amex Platinum card at this link. It seems to be publicly available (though it likely won’t last long).


You earn the welcome bonus after spending $3,000 within three months. Just keep in mind that those who have or have had this card in the past aren’t eligible — it’s for first time cardmembers only.

The card has a $450 annual fee, though comes with all kinds of perks which help offset it, including:

Amex-Centurion-Lounge-SFO - 18
Amex Centurion Lounge San Francisco

I value Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me 100,000 points are worth $1,700. Even when you subtract the $450 annual fee, that translates to a value of $1,250. And that doesn’t account for all the perks you get, like the $200 airline fee credit, which I value at pretty close to face value.


Bottom line

This is an incredible welcome bonus, so if you don’t yet have the Amex Platinum Card, I’d highly recommend applying through this offer, as it likely won’t last. Credit card offers really don’t get any better than this.

  1. I got an email the other day referring to a 50K Platinum Amex bonus offer a couple of days ago. I used to have the card but canceled it probably 18 months ago or so. The terms on the email don’t mention being ineligible for a second bonus. I would probably call and ask about that before I applied though. Seems like sending targeted emails and then not following through on the bonus would be bad business.

  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I recently got the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold with a 50,000 sign up bonus and was waiting around on this bonus to get this card since I canceled my DELTA Reserve card to focus less on Sky Miles and more on transferable miles like membership rewards but only wanted to get this card with a least the 100,000 point signup bonus. I just got instantly approved for this offer.

  3. Those who were approved, would you please post your credit score? Just to give an idea if I should go for it.

  4. Norman I say give it a try. In the past 3 months I got the Amex Premier Rewards with a 50,000 point sign up bonus and the Amex Hilton Honors Surpass card with a 100,000 point sign up bonus which I haven’t even made a payment on yet that’s how recent I got it. I just got approved for the this offer. So I say give it a try.

  5. Instantly approved! You can to the airline credit now and then again in January! That is $400 in gift cards so that almost pays the AF!

  6. Just to be 100% sure Amex still considers the different versions of the plat card to be different products, correct? So if you got the Mercedes or Schwab version you’d still be eligible for the signup bonus.

  7. I applied before I even finished reading the article. +1, on top of 100k Hilton Surpass last week too! Thanks Lucky… surprised you got the scoop on this one… I had heard from elsewhere of the 100k amex but they had no working link… thanks again!

  8. is this the personal or biz card? I had the Amex Plat personal August 2011 , cancelled August 2012 so I am out of luck . Is this correct?

  9. Thanks Lucky!
    Approved right away!
    I was just clearing immigration through JFK which took longer than the 14 hour flight from ICN! I can not wait to get Global Entry.

  10. Applied 8 days ago for the 50K ‘exclusive’ bonus email as I needed lounge access with expiration of my current programs…and then this offer. Called to try and get this one applied to my account for the card that just arrived in the mail today and no luck…agent was rather rude about it all.

  11. Hmm if I currently have four AMEX cards, how long do I need to wait after I close one to apply for this?


  12. @Brandon, Amex is bad about that. Same thing happened to me on the Hilton card last year.

  13. Thanks! I’ve been watching out for a good offer for the past month or so, and am glad I waited!

  14. I got the 100,000 MR points easily, although I wasn’t sure I’d qualify since I already hold a PLAT Mercedes-Benz card. I’d been planning to close that and move to the Gold AMEX Business card for the 50,000 MR point bonus. So glad I didn’t pull the trigger on that one.

  15. Just got this approved for my wife, the last platinum card we can get, for now. I already had the personal and business and just got the Mercedes Benz, she already had the business and just got the mercedes benz, so this completes the set. $1400 in annual fees for the three approved in the last week or so is a big bite, but $600 in airfare now and $600 more in January takes some of the sting out of it and 250,000 MR points was too good to pass up. And we added it to 30,000 for the Everyday preferred she just received on Friday, so for just over a month or so, we will be looking at 280,000 new MR points.
    Now, to find a great sign up bonus for her for the Gold card!

  16. If one is an authorized user on an Amex Platinum account, does that technically make them an existing cardmember?

  17. Instantly approved! I have had my eye on this strongly for the past several weeks. I decided not to do Hilton cards since I don’t want to juggle another program and got the 35,000 SPG 2 months ago. YES!!! Last year I got the SW companion pass for my bday and this year amex plat.

  18. Instantly Approved! Although the upgrade on Green Card with 50K Bonus seemed interesting but I think I’ll like the Full House of Green, PRG and Platinum now.

  19. Awesome. Just signed my wife up (score 810) and instantly approved and its perfect timing because she got the Bus Plat card last May so i will be able to cancel that one.
    Do you know how long this will be around? i got 3 misc cards in Feb and just got the 100k Hilton Amex card last week. Just seeing how long i can wait to apply for this one for myself.

  20. Lucky when you say this offer “won’t last long,” how long are we talking? Will this be gone tomorrow or next week? How long have great offers like this lasted in the past? I guess there’s no end date listed in the terms of the bonus?

    Thanks for the info!

  21. My parents have cards through my sister account, would they qualify for this offer?

  22. Can you find me a public link to the 50k +20,20,20,20, etc for 250k?

    I have a targeted 100k, but am holding out for the 250k. I can do the chunky spend, just gimme an invite 🙂 please Amex

  23. @lucky, did you have any financial gain from that link.? If not, We should like pay you for posting that link. Instantly approved and I have 14 hard inquires in 12 months :-p

  24. @ Mike NC — If they’re only authorized users and not primary cardmembers then they would qualify.

  25. @ Jack — I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pulled within hours, or possibly within days. If you want it I’d apply ASAP.

  26. @ trup — No clue, but doubt it will be around long. If you apply now you probably have decent odds of getting approved, or at least only having the application delayed a bit, assuming you don’t have more than four Amex charge cards and four Amex credit cards.

  27. @ Elaine — Do you have four Amex cards altogether, or four Amex charge cards? You can have four charge cards and four credit cards, so you may very well be eligible as it is.

  28. @ Jan — It’s the personal card. If you’ve had it in the past then you’re probably not eligible for this bonus.

  29. @ Andrew — Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I *don’t* believe they consider them to be separate products nowadays.

  30. OMG Ben, yes, Amex still considers them separate products. How long have you been doing this for? Sheesh…

  31. Ben, it seems you’re getting lots of information wrong recently on your blog. I’ve called you out on the EDP card (it does not earn 4.5x points at grocery stores even with 30 swipes per month), and numerous other stories/claims.

    I think you need to start fact checking more or hire additional help. Wink wink 😉 😉

  32. @ Richard — You absolutely do earn 4.5x points at grocery stores with the Amex EDP. Looking at my statement right now and see the points reflected. I might need a fact checker at times, but perhaps I should look somewhere else, hehe. 😉

  33. I think the MB is still considered separate. All comments I have read in regard to the MB 75K offer say that they received the bonus even after having a regular platinum.

  34. Funny timing, got a mailer yesterday for the business version. Signed up and immediately approved. That card comes with the same starting bonus, but another 50k points with additional spend.

  35. @ Eric Wenger — On the Amex Plat it’s $200 per year. Not sure where you’re seeing $100.

  36. How frustrating that I can’t see this sort of offer in the UK. It would make life a lot easier!

  37. So I’ve seen mixed reports when someone has a Amex merc plat and then tries to get the regular Amex plat anyone confirm they were able to get both sign up bonuses?

  38. OK, I was approved instantly. I do have the Ameriprise version, so I’m hoping the comments that this is a different product are correct. A difference, of course, is that the Ameriprise version doesn’t offer a signup bonus but instead waives the first year annual fee. So I actually have never before received a bonus on this card. Hoping for those 100k points.

  39. Is the Global Entry/TSA Pre benefit transferable? Can my fiancé apply for it and pay with my approved Amex Platinum?

  40. Thanks Lucky!
    Got approved instantly.
    In the last 3 months I applied for Amex Hilton and SPG.

  41. Ben, why is no one addressing MR point value? Based on the Amex MR website:
    Another link had more partners but even worse transfer rates.

    Am I missing something? I recall MR being a 1:1 transfer partner of several airlines. I’m not currently enrolled in MR so I don’t know what the real scoop is but I think it’s extremely important to address this, people are signing up for this offer across multiple websites right now.

  42. @ Rob — Those are the transfer rates for Membership Rewards in Canada, not the US. Notice how the URL is “.ca” and not “.com.”

  43. @Lucky- thanks so much for the link.

    I was kicking myself because I was approved for the Mercedes Benz 75k earlier yesterday, but was able to get this 100k promotion, as well.

    (Data point- also confirmed, via chat with Am Ex, that these ARE two separate “products” and that I’ll get the bonus for both)

    Between those two cards, it’s 181k points and $400 in Amazon cards. Not a bad day.

  44. Lucky,
    My friends signed up couple of years ago for the same promo, three months later he cancelled the membership and got a prorated annual fee refund + 100k membership rewards posted and already used up those points.
    But he get to keep the cancelled card with 4 years expiring on it. Ever since he is still using that Amex Platinum card for Delta lounge access and never been billed or reject lounge access for it.
    I wonder if the Centurion lounge staff knows if the card is valid for entrance if you cancel the card?

  45. To Steven May 9, 2016 at 6:46 pm:
    Thank you SO much for that friendly reminder; I am pretty heavy into this game and have never seen that, without which this offer would not make sense for me. Thanks again!!
    Thanks also to you, Lucky, for posting this and creating the venue by which I just learned this!

  46. Silly Amex. They’d earn my business back with this fantastic offer if not for their absurd once-per-lifetime bonus rule.

  47. Thanks Ben, I looked at this card yesterday and only could get 40K points, so you really helped me out. The website says the airline credit is for airline incidentals, baggage, food etc. and excludes gift cards, I’m assuming that some airlines gift cards are coded to allow credit?

  48. Ben.

    Instantly Approved.. umm wait.. I misspelled my name.. left out a letter in my last name.. still approved!?! I called AmEx.. I have to wait until the card arrives, then call to get the name changed…

    Has that ever happened to you? Wrong name on the card? 🙂

  49. Doh! I got my app in, but by the time I got the wife’s approval for her app, the offer expired 🙁

  50. @Ed they wouldn’t honor the offer when you called for approval on your wife? I applied last night but I am out of the country so was going to call today to get the approval… Does this mean they won’t honor the deal since it’s dead now (even though it was live when I applied?)

    And if I did not get it… Is it possible to just close the card immediately and be eligible for a targeted bonus at some point in the future? Basically, if I don’t fulfil the bonus requirements, am I still eligible for a bonus on the same “product” in the future, as per AMEX’s bonus rules?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

  51. @Jenna – IME, if you were approved for the card and did not receive the bonus, you will still be disqualified from future bonuses (assuming the “once in a lifetime” language is on the application). This happened to me – I opened and closed a card same day few years back, without any activity, and when I opened the same card recently and completed the required spending, AMEX denied the bonus. They said I had the card before, and it doesn’t matter if I got the bonus or not before. I fought them for four months, and just gave up.

  52. @Jenna, I am pretty sure that the approval that he sought was from his wife to submit the application, not from AMEX. Although AMEX does some pretty awful things in regard to granting their bonuses, delaying approval in order to reduce the bonus has not been among them. Pretty sure that if you are eventually approved for the account, then you will get the same bonus that everyone else that was instantly approved will get.

  53. Read conflicting reports that the 100k Amex sign up bonus was a targeted offer that was made publicly available in error. Some said Amex would still honor the 100k bonus while other said Amex would not offer the 100k bonus unless you were targeted.

    Do we have any data point available to confirm whether Amex would still honor the 100k offer as long as you were first time applicant, received approval and complete the spending requirement? Specifically those who signed up using the link from this blog?

  54. I tried calling in first thing this morning and the agent said that unless I have the offer/invitation code, it’s a no go on the offer???
    Anyone else have this happen?

  55. No way to be sure yet. Many have called and gotten verbal assurance, however, with AMEX, you can never be sure until the points are in your account. I received confirmation in writing (twice) from their chat reps on a business card offer and they still refused to give it to me. Even for those that have completed the spend already, we won’t know for at least a few days.

  56. It;s been pulled! And I have been receiving offers to UPG to Platinum for the last 35 years! Disappointing,

  57. I was approved yesterday for this promotion I called amex’s approval dept, they confirmed the approval and that the 100k bonus promotion is connected to my approval.

  58. Am I the only person who feel Amex Platinum Ameriprise which waves the $450 annual fee and provides the same card benefits and also a free additional card for the first year is actually better deal than the 100k offer with $3k min spending? I guess 100k points aren’t worth $450 to me currently, but others seem to disagree.

  59. I just read your post and when I tried your link the offer is gone! How disappointing. Please don’t raise hopes of your followers when an offer is not available. Unless is there another link somewhere else out there?

  60. SCAM! I met the spending requirements, and my bonus was awarded. Immediately after the three months were up, the bonus was removed from my account with no warning. Amex claimed that gift card purchases did not count towards the minimum spending requirement; this is listed NOWHERE in their T&Cs. I offered to spend more towards the requirement, but they said the promotional period was over and the bonus was gone forever. AVOID!

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