10,000 Amex Points For Enrolling In “Pay Over Time” (Targeted)

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American Express has been sending out promotions like this for years, though I finally got targeted for it for the first time on a card, and these are the easiest points you could possibly earn.

I received an email from American Express offering 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points if I enroll my Amex Platinum Card in their “Pay Over Time” feature.

There is no fee to enroll, and the best part is that you don’t even have to use the feature to earn the 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points. You simply have to enroll (which takes seconds), and then the points post 8-12 weeks after you’re approved.

So, what are you signing up for here? This is something that’s generally available on Amex charge cards. The distinction between a charge card and a credit card is that you have to pay off your balance in full every month with a charge card, while you can finance charges with a credit card.

In a way this might seem confusing, since they’re basically letting you finance charges on your charge card, which sounds a whole lot like a credit card to me. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, the APR is quite high (as is the norm with cards), so I don’t plan on taking advantage of actually paying over time. However, I’ll gladly take 10,000 Membership Rewards points, which I value at ~$170.

For what it’s worth, Ford was targeted for a similar promotion earlier this year, and his 10,000 points posted as expected.

Not everyone will be targeted right now (obviously), but the reason for this post is to say that if you get an email with this offer from Amex, you’ll most definitely want to accept. Some people might assume it’s junk or might think they shouldn’t sign-up since they don’t want to finance charges, but this is the easiest 10,000 points you could possibly earn.

The email seems to have the following subject line:

Congratulations, [Your Name]! You’ve been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option.

You can also try your luck following this link to register, but if you’re not targeted you won’t see the offer.

Have you ever been targeted for this promotion, and if so, have you taken advantage of it?

  1. Which card did you get targeted on and how long has it been open? I had this offer once on my old vanilla plat right around the 1-year mark, but nothing since on any of my other charge cards, even those that have been open 1+ year.

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  3. hello. i got targeted but as a mailer, not email. this was either last year or 2 years ago, can’t remember. i agree, it definitely is the easiest points to earn.

  4. @lucky

    I’ve gotten this offer twice in the last ~3 months but haven’t accepted because I’m within weeks of being under 5/24 and I assumed it would come with a credit check . Do you know if they do a hard pull?

  5. When I enrolled in this last year, one stipulation was that it applied only to charges of $500 or higher, otherwise it was business as usual as a charge card. And lots of sub-$500 charges can add up if you’re not careful with your spending. Something to be aware of if that’s still the case.

  6. I wonder how this “pay over time” will affect one’s credit score? I received several emails from Amex but always ignored it.

  7. @Zich – it doesn’t at all. I’ve taken advantage of this offer on all 3 of my amex charge cards and never was a limit reported, nor a hard pull on my credit. Easiest 30k points I’ve gotten.

  8. It changes the old “please pay by” to a firm payment required date half a month earlier. There are always give and take from any of these

  9. I called AMEX today to find out when my AMEX gold annual fee was going to post. The CSR offered me 10,000 MR points to sign up for pay it over time. I did it. It doesn’t change anything.

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