Amex Cards Will No Longer Earn 2x Points For Uber Rides

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Since 2014, American Express and Uber have had a partnership that allows you to earn bonus Membership Rewards for Uber rides, and also to redeem Membership Rewards points for Uber rides (at a value that I don’t consider to be especially good).

At a minimum, you’ve been able to earn an additional Membership Rewards point per dollar spent on Uber with any US issued American Express card accruing Membership Rewards points. This includes cards like The Platinum Card® from American ExpressThe Business Platinum® Card from American Express, American Express® Business Gold CardThe Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express, etc.

On top of that, as of this past year The Platinum Card® from American Express has offered a $200 annual Uber credit, which is part of the enhanced benefits package of the card.


A few months ago Uber launched their own credit card in conjunction with Barclaycard, and a lot of us have wondered what this means for their partnership with American Express.

Well, Travel With Grant notes that per his American Express card statement, US Amex Membership Rewards cards will no longer earn 2x Membership Rewards points on Uber rides as of February 1, 2018.

Personally I’m not impacted by this change. That’s because I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card linked to my Uber account, since the card offers triple Ultimate Rewards points on travel (including Uber), which is better than earning double Membership Rewards points. Alternatively, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers double points on travel, so that’s a great choice as well.

My only hope is that Amex and Uber maintain the $200 annual credit offered with the Amex Personal Platinum Card. My guess is that when American Express negotiated that benefit they made sure they had a contract for at least a few years (given that it was the biggest benefit introduced as part of the card’s relaunch), so I doubt we’ll see it go anytime soon.

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  1. They’d be smart to bring the point refund to the personal version. No reason to make it exclusive to the business plat. Better yet, they should get rid of it being with a single airline. I feel eventually they will be forced to follow Chase.

  2. I have an AmEx Personal Platinum and my Uber credit did NOT arrive the first of the month this month, unlike every previous month. Has anyone else received their credit for January?

  3. I still haven’t received my January $15 Uber credits, from my American Express Platinum. I called American Express and they did tell me they’ve had a lot of similar calls from other card members. They said that the credits should come through soon. Weird -it’s been automatic every month on the first day.

  4. I also haven’t received my January credits… Pretty annoying if you are a fairly infrequent user…

  5. Uber is the reason I’m NOT getting the plat. Wasted value for me. Too fixed. Can’t even stockpile and use overseas when I do travel. One of the big reasons the CSR was popular was how the travel credit was flexible. $200 in worthless Uber credits and a $200 airline incidental credit which makes us go through obscure steps just to redeem it for actual travel instead of incidentals. Give the Plat flexibility, and you’ll get mine, and many other millennials to sign up.

  6. I think once Amex cracks down on using the airline incidental credit for gift cards, there will be a mass exodus to CSR.
    No more admirals club membership, reduced sign up bonus, enhanced annual fee to $550. Yeah not looking good. Only saving grace are the centurion lounges which are now becoming more and more crowded!

  7. @Anthony So that worked for you for January? I know that was a fix in the past, but I never had to use the fix — I always got my credits on the 1st and even an email from them saying the credits are arriving now.

  8. I personally hope AMEX discontinues all relations with Uber. As long time (38 year) member I am ashamed the company associates with such a pathetic enterprise.
    Thankfully my comments were echoed by several others at roundtable with soon retiring CEO Cheanult last year who indicated they would indeed be reviewing things.

  9. If anyone wants 2x MR points, just do as I did and tie your Blue for Business card to your Uber account. Problem solved.

    Use it once you’ve burned your monthly Plat credit.

  10. Worth mentioning that the $200 Uber credit must be redeemed in the USA. I was SOL trying to use it in Rome, at least.

  11. @Dave and @Brad, I got mine too. I got the email at midnight on the first like usual and have them in my account.

    Bummed about the 2x points. Was huge for me.

  12. @Max azaria, I think if they wanted to they would have done that already. They know the loophole exists, I know people who have called about not getting the credit on giftcards and have had the agent apply it.

    I think the CSR is the reason they don’t get rid of it at all.

  13. I don’t know why, but I ended up with a different datapoint on this one: my statement, dated 1/23/18, says the Uber 2X deal ends on February 28.

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