You Can Now Request A Metal Amex Business Platinum Card

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Earlier this year American Express refreshed The Platinum Card® from American Express. The annual fee went up by $100 (Rates & Fees), though Amex also added some new benefits, including a $200 annual Uber credit, which makes the changes a net positive, in my opinion.

Among the changes was that the personal Amex Platinum card became metal. Metal credit cards used to be rare, though in the meantime they’ve become quite common, especially in the premium market. While I appreciate the novelty of metal cards, having a bunch of them in your wallet can really weigh it down.

At the time, The Business Platinum® Card from American Express wasn’t available in metal yet, though it looks like that has finally changed. As of today you can request a metal Amex Business Platinum Card at this link.

Just log into your American Express account at that link, and select the bottom option, which reads “Request Metal Card.”

You’ll be asked to verify the three digit ID on the back of your card, and to confirm the shipping address, and then you should receive confirmation that the card is on the way.

Your existing card will continue to work until you receive the new card and activate it.

If you don’t want the new metal card you can continue to use your existing card, and then you’ll automatically be sent the new metal card once your current card expires.

If you apply for the card now, you should automatically receive the metal version of the card. For those of you who don’t yet the Amex Business Platinum, here’s why you should consider it:

Will you be requesting a new Amex Business Platinum metal card, or do you prefer the plastic card for now?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)

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  1. In the photo of the card it has your name and “MEMBER SINCE 88” – how is that possible given your young age? Just curious…..

  2. @Donna, AMEX used to back-date authorized user’s account back to when it was opened by the main credit card holder. AMEX no longer does this.

  3. I prefer plastic. There’s nothing worse than being behind someone at the register when they clank a metal card down on the counter. Plus it weighs down your front pocket 🙂 Sapphire Preferred does plastic cards on request – Plat Amex wouldn’t let me – so I only use it to buy airfare online but don’t carry the card in my pocket.

    I know everyone has different tastes, but I wish they’d allow us to keep plastic for those that prefer it

  4. @tim:

    I was thinking the same thing. I tend to carry my ID and a singular card inside my phone’s protective case and the metal card is a wee bit too thick for comfort, and it’s heavy. I have the Chase Ink when it was metal and the novelty wore off quickly. Soon it’ll be more “hip” to have the plastic card when everyone else has the metal one. We can be old school together!

  5. @Santastico do they actually offer a contactless version in the US? I just use Apple Pay all over Europe the these days which makes the clerk’s eyes pop as they don’t seem to see that often but it works none the less.

    Metal card remains unavailable on the Corporate Card version.

  6. Just ordered mine, but had to call in for some reason. Should be here in a week. Kinda cool using it (I have the personal one as well) when travelling. I prefer it to plastic as the numbers don’t rub off. Cheers for the heads-up Lucky!!

  7. Ordered my card yesterday, and requested the contactless feature.
    Today, Amex called me to confirm the following: the contactless feature is not available on any business card as of yet. This includes the Amex Business Platinum card AND corporate cards.

  8. I got mine in today. The quality is pretty awesome. It is pretty heavy as people have mentioned. It makes my Chase Sapphire reserve look like a piece of junk. That and the Reserve is falling apart and peeling away.

  9. Wow, one came in the mail today and it weighs A TON! I only ever carry it to get into the AMEX lounges, wish I still had a plastic one. Might need to call in about this…

  10. That’s just for US based Platinum Amex holders? Or works for other regions (Middle East / Bahrain) too?

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