Changes Are Coming To The Amex Business Platinum Card As Well!

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Last week we learned about major changes being made to the Amex Personal Platinum Card.

Changes coming to the Amex Personal Platinum Card

These changes kick in as of March 30, 2017, and include the following:

  • 5x points on prepaid hotel stays booked through
  • The ability to add Gold Card authorized users at no additional cost
  • $200 in Uber credits annually (in increments of $15 per month, plus an additional $20 in December)
  • The Priority Pass benefit with the card will offer guesting privileges, which it hasn’t in the past
  • A new metal card design
  • An annual fee increase from $450 to $550


Personally, I won’t get value out of most of these benefits, so the way I see it, the annual fee is increasing by $100 in exchange for $200 worth of Uber credits. Personally, I think that’s more than worthwhile, so this change doesn’t negatively impact whether or not I’ll hold onto the card.

Amex Business Platinum Card changes are coming too

View from the Wing notes that the Amex Business Platinum Card will be getting new benefits as of March 30, 2017, as well:

Beginning March 30, 2017, Business Platinum Card Members will get 5X Membership Rewards Points on flights and prepaid hotels at

Business Platinum Card Members also get access to the recently announced new Global Dining Collection, as well as the expanded Global Lounge Collection and the Global By Invitation Only Events.

So what we know for sure is that:

  • The Amex Business Platinum Card will offer 5x points on airfare purchased through
  • Much like the personal card, the Amex Business Platinum Card’s Priority Pass membership will also allow you to take two guests into lounges at no extra cost
  • The annual fee on the Amex Business Platinum Card won’t be going up — it will stay at $450. As of February 1, 2019, the annual fee on the Amex Business Platinum Card has increased to $595.

The way I see it, the single biggest (relatively) new perk on the Amex Personal Platinum Card is that it offers 5x points on airfare, while the single biggest new perk on the Amex Business Platinum Card is that it offers a 35% refund on Pay with Points redemptions.

Ultimately this is a very nice new addition for the business version of the card, though I wish the 5x points on airfare didn’t just apply when booking through The good news is that a majority of itineraries can be booked through Amex Travel at the same price as elsewhere. However, everyone has reasons for which website they prefer booking through, and for complex itineraries, tickets might not price the same.

So there’s still value in the 5x points on airfare offered with the personal card, given that it applies to travel booked directly with airlines.

Bottom line

It’s always great to see a card get more benefits without anything being taken away. Being able to take additional Priority Pass guests and getting 5x points on airfare and prepaid hotels through is a nice improvement, especially as the annual fee isn’t increasing.

However, this isn’t a full substitute for the 5x points offered on the personal card.

What do you make of the new 5x points on airfare benefit when booking through Will it change where you book travel, or will you still use the personal card so you can get 5x points on tickets purchased directly with airlines?

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  1. I like the new design, but the offset annual fee isn’t too bad, here in the UK, we pay £450 for about half the perks you have, and our sign-up bonuses are not nearly as nice as the ones you get, but some improvements to the UK and potentially European program would be recommended. I like the American Expresss Platinum service but it could be better. However for regular people, annual fees aren’t worth it, let alone £450!

  2. As someone who’s had the Amex Plat for over a decade I am 99% sure I’ll cancel when $450 ($550?) AF is due. CSR and Citi Prestige benefits simply are better cards. As a financial person it doesn’t provide anything to justify the fee. And I’m off Uber due to it’s present corporate actions.

  3. @Lucky–Per Gary’s post–the annual fee on the Business version will NOT be increasing as you suggest in your post.

  4. @ Lucky–Sorry for the previous comment. I am a dope and can’t read 🙂

    Sorry!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  5. “The Amex Business Platinum Card will offer 5x points on airfare purchased through”

    If it’s true that 5x points will be awarded only for bookings done through, excluding those done directly with operating airlines, then the perk won’t be as good as it is right now as a limited-time offer expiring at the end of this month.

  6. Why would someone want a metal card? I’ve had metal cards and they are presented as features, but I must be missing something because I don’t understand how it is helping me. Honest question, why is using metal in the card beneficial?

  7. This is AMEX grasping at straws. Losing Costco, among other business they lost has to be hurting them badly. Booking through the AMEX portal doesn’t earn elite status for hotels. This is a no go if you want status.

  8. I don’t support Uber anymore — the list of scummy things they do grows by the day. So I’m planning to cancel my Amex Plat, even though I like it. My only question now is whether I should get an Amex Business Plat as a replacement. It’s reassuring to know that Uber isn’t part of the package, although I wonder if that will change eventually?

    I already have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, so replacing my Amex Plat is even less of a pressing matter. But I do like the Centurion lounges, and the Biz Plat’s redemption rate is pretty tempting. Hmmm… decisions decisions.

  9. Why does no one talk about the Amex Corporate Platinum? I always see plenty of information about the personal or business version, but nothing about the corporate version which I’m required to use for work travel. Is there any insight on expended perks or coming changes for the corporate card? I’d also love to see a write up comparing the Personal, Business, and Corporate versions of the Platinum Card

  10. Their insistence on amextravel bookings is strange if they want to attract high value corporate spenders, who already often book through Amex corp business travel and not Just incentivizes us to use a non-amex card with amex corp bookings…
    Makes me think this isn’t about incremental revenue but instead just marketing for membership growth…

  11. I think the personal Amex Plat is useless now with its changes, but the business card … I think I could get behind these changes. Seems like they are really just trying to focus on the small business crowed.

  12. Re: “Just incentivizes us to use a non-amex card with amex corp bookings…”

    Agreed this is just irritating now. At least the personal one got it right with the ability to use direct bookings by the airline. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the likelihood of them getting more members for the platinum business/personal cards via the most recent changes is going to be minimal. Corporations that already issue amex cards to their employees won’t see to many of their employees jump for the plat card if they haven’t gotten one already, likewise new changes really don’t seem to be a game changer for a high tier card. I’m going to go out on another limb here and say the $100 increase on the personal card was not so much to help offset the previously announced “new” changes like the 5x points offering for booking air travel.

  13. Lucky,

    Could you do a post outlining the potential downsides of booking airfare through amextravel? Assuming price is the same at or, etc, why wouldn’t one book through amex?


  14. Whenever I’ve looked at AmexTravel for flights, they did not have half as much availability as Kayak, Google, etc. I hope AMEX isn’t really going to try to handcuff me to their portal for 5X. I’m not as worried about the “prepaid” hotels though.

  15. Amex had forgotten us business and corporate card holders. They had forgotten that some of us are the bigger spenders than Amex personal card holders. Hell, I spent roughly 30k a month on my amex business platinum and I don’t get as many perks as the personal card holders. And no uber credits? As a uber rider that really sucks. And why couldn’t we get a metal card as well? Even my damn Amazon prime credit card is made out of metal!

  16. I have the biz card. My understanding (please correct) is that flights booked through Amex travel are recognized as bulk fare and don’t credit with UA (perhaps other airlines?) as qualifying towards status. As an aside – I use Uber for business, though that biz is tarnished right now.

  17. Can you show me where AmEx states that they are adding the benefit of two free guests for the Priority Pass membership for Business Platinum owners? I don’t see that anywhere, and Gary simply said that he wants to know if they’ll add that benefit to the business card just as they did to the personal version of the card. But his post does not suggest that they are actually doing that.

    So far I have found nothing that definitively states this as a new added benefit for the business card.

  18. AMEX business not offering metal card replacement. I did process easily for regular Platinum, but for Business Platinum getting metal replacement card is not one of the options. 🙁

  19. I’ve booked Delta flights on Amex Travel and used the 50% points redemption feature. All those flights have earned me MQMs and, more importantly, MQDs. However, if a fare is significantly lower than anything you see elsewhere it is a bulk fare and, as a previous poster mentioned, will NOT count towards status on any airline. I had this experience recently when seeing ridiculously low fares to Paris on Expedia and Orbitz but nowhere else.
    My go-to combo was the PRG for earning and the Biz Plat for redeeming for flights – the only benefit of using AMEX portals because booking through AMEX Travel will void your reservation’s validity towards elite status. Now I have a CSR and I’m really itching towards cancelling both cards although I fly Delta and the access to the lounge is handy sometimes. Thoughts?

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