American now offering top tier elites in coach free drinks and snacks

American deserves some brownie points for this. As of a couple of weeks ago, American has started offering Executive Platinum AAdvantage members traveling in coach one free alcoholic beverage and one free snack on all flights. Assuming it’s done discreetly and consistently (meaning all flight attendants are properly briefed on the new policy), this is a nice change on their part. Given that Executive Platinum members get unlimited complimentary upgrades domestically (in theory), this seems like a nice consolation for those times that upgrades don’t clear. It’s interesting to note that on American Eagle flights, both Platinum and Executive Platinum members have received a free drink or snack for a while now.

In fairness to other airlines, most legacies offer their top tier elites a few beverage coupons every year, which I believe isn’t the case with American. Now, on a more personal level, if only United would formally allow the 10 1K drink coupons to be used for snackboxes….

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  1. I like drink chits better than free drinks, since I can give them away. That’s a benefit to me. Though I agree — like the old NW chits — it would be nice to use them on snacks as well.

  2. Did not have a chance to check the implementation of free drink+snack policy for EXP flying domestic AA coach – so far all my ca. 75 domestic upgrades cleared.

  3. Agree with Gary; chits seem better. Not only can I use them for my travel companion or even give them away, but I think they are also more easily implementable consistently. Do FAs now have to review the manifest for every row as they move through the cabin? And then deal with cases where people reseated themselves? Plus it’s less understandable to other travelers why they get charged for a drink/snack and their seat mate isn’t.

  4. When I flew AA Eagle in February they made that announcement that all Exec platinums got a drink and a snack…FA was nice enough to comp mine as a LAN Emerald.

    The FA just had the manifest on her cart that showed everyones status

  5. I was recently comp’d on an AA flight. Not sure if it would have happened if I hadn’t been holding my boarding pass with EXP clearly visible.

    On Eagle flights, the FA’s use the manifest and nearly always ask if I’d like a snack or a drink, so I don’t see why AA FA’s wouldn’t have the same ability.

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