American Express Membership Rewards offering 40% transfer bonus to Virgin America Elevate through September 30, 2013

Through September 30, 2013, the US American Express Membership Rewards program is offering a 40% bonus on points transfers to Virgin America Elevate. The usual transfer ratio is 200:100 (Membership Rewards:Elevate points), so through this promotion the transfer ratio will be 200:140.


Virgin America has a fixed value award chart for travel on their own flights, so their award pricing is based directly on the cost of a revenue ticket. So even with the transfer bonus you’re looking at a maximum of ~1.6 cents per point of value. That’s actually not half bad if you’d otherwise book a paid ticket on Virgin America.

However, Virgin America does have some interesting partners, including Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, and Singapore, and there are some tempting redemptions there under specific circumstances.

But overall unless you have a specific redemption in mind I don’t find this transfer bonus to be especially compelling.

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  1. A quick look at at availability for VX. A flight from SFO to JFK goes for 7,256 points saver economy to first class for an outrageous 119,721 pits for flexible First Class. Getting a trans con for 5k MR points is a good deal.

    On SQ looks like more cost effective to go between MR and SQ direct rather than via VX. Overall,

  2. Think Levy Flight calculated incorrectly – if the ticket is 7256 elevate points – it will be 10366 MR points plus the transfer fee (excise tax) – still a great trans-con rate

  3. Well if you’ve only got 230K Amex (not the 300k needed with delta) then this is a way to get 2 people to Australia in Business class for only 114k each which isn’t too shabby. Kind of a niche appeal, but could be useful in the right scenario.

  4. Folks, the ratio from MR to Virgin America is 2:1.4 So 230K MR will only get you 164,285 miles. 100K MR will get you 71,428 miles.

    LAX-SYD is 80K each (not bad) in Business but also has huge YQ (over $900 each).

  5. @ Rachel — No, it’s not. You’d want Virgin Atlantic miles, not Virgin America points, as they’re not a Hilton transfer partner.

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