American Express Green Card Review (2021)

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American Express Green Card
3x points
on dining
3x points
on travel
3x points
on transit
Annual Fee: $150
| The card details for the American Express Green Card have been collected independently by OMAAT and have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

In this post, I wanted to take an in-depth look at the Amex Green Card, which is underrated and often overlooked. In my opinion, is a great card for anyone looking to earn travel rewards in the long run.

American Express Green Card Basics For May 2021

The Amex Green Card has a reasonable annual fee, offers statements credits that can potentially more than offset the annual fee, and offers 3x points in categories that many will spend a lot in.

Combine that with the value of Membership Rewards points, and the other great cards out there you can complement that with, and this is a card that should interest many. So let’s take a closer look at the details.

Amex Green Card $150 Annual Fee

Let’s start off with what most people would consider to be the negative of the card. The Amex Green Card has a $150 annual fee. That might sound a bit on the steep side, but I think the benefits more than outweigh it.

Amex Green Card Welcome Bonus

The Amex Green Card’s public welcome bonus offers 45,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $2,000 within six months. You may find bigger bonuses through refer a friend links or other targeted bonuses, so it’s worth at least seeing what you’re eligible for.

Earning Points With The Amex Green Card

This is where the Amex Green Card gets really awesome. The Amex Green Card offers 3x Membership Rewards points in some really lucrative categories. I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so to me 3x points categories equate to a 5.1% return on spending, which is excellent.

Earn 3x Points On Dining

The Amex Green Card offers 3x points at restaurants globally with no limits. Generally speaking, the restaurants category doesn’t just include sit-down dining establishments, but you’ll often find that fast food establishments, cafes, and even takeout and delivery, code as restaurants as well.

It all comes down to how the merchant categorizes themselves. For example, a restaurant located inside another establishment (like inside a hotel) often won’t code as dining, so that’s something to be aware of.

Furthermore, expect that bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, and convenience stores, won’t code as restaurants. This is one of the better cards out there for dining purchases.

Earn 3x points on dining purchases globally

Earn 3x Points On Travel (Including Transit)

The Amex Green Card offers 3x points on travel purchases (including transit) globally with no limits.

You can expect this to include all kinds of travel purchases, including airfare, hotels, cruises, car rentals, campgrounds, trains, taxicabs, rideshare services, tours, ferries, tolls, parking, buses, subways, and third-party travel sites.

As you can see, this includes many purchases you might make in your day-to-day life without actually “traveling,” like ridesharing, as well as bus, train, and subway tickets.

Earn 3x points on travel purchases globally

No Foreign Transaction Fees

The Amex Green Card has no foreign transaction fees (Rates & Fees), so this is a great card to use for purchases abroad. That’s especially true when you consider how many foreign purchases are often in the travel and dining category. I’d say that’s a majority of what I spend money on when traveling.

Earn 3x points on dining and hotels with the Amex Green Card

Redeeming Points With The Amex Green Card

The best way to redeem your Amex Green Card points is to transfer them to one of the Membership Rewards airline or hotel partners. Points can be transferred to the following 21 partners, including 18 airline partners and three hotel partners:

Aer Lingus Aer ClubChoice Privileges
Aeroméxico Club PremierHilton Honors
Air Canada AeroplanMarriott Bonvoy
Air France/KLM Flying Blue
Alitalia MilleMiglia
ANA Mileage Club
Avianca LifeMiles
British Airways Executive Club
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
Delta SkyMiles
Emirates Skywards
Etihad Guest
Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles
Iberia Plus
JetBlue TrueBlue
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

The reason this represents such a good deal is because you can get outsized value towards international first and business class travel. These tickets are often super expensive if paying cash, while they can be a good deal on points.

On top of that Amex often has transfer bonuses, which can stretch your points even further. While you might not be traveling much right now, these are rewards you can rack up towards future adventures.

Redeem your points for Lufthansa first class

American Express Green Card Benefits

The Amex Green Card has some benefits that potentially more than offset the annual fee on the card. This includes two $100 annual credits that many may find useful.

Amex Green Card Annual $100 CLEAR Credit

Nowadays so many credit cards offer TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry fee credits, and I’ve long said that I wish a card offered a CLEAR credit instead. With this card Amex has listened.

The Green from Amex offers up to $100 per calendar year in CLEAR statement credits. What’s also awesome is that this is annual, and not once every four to five years, like the TSA Pre-Check credit would usually be.

Just use your card when you pay for your CLEAR membership, and you’ll automatically receive statement credits within two to four weeks of when your card is charged.

Ordinarily, a CLEAR membership costs $179 per year, but just for being a member (even without status) of Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus, that cost is reduced to $119 per year. If you have Delta Medallion or United Premier status, or select co-branded credit cards, it’s even lower than that.

Realistically no one should be paying more than $119 per year for CLEAR, and that $100 credit would bring down your out of pocket to $19 per year, which is awesome.

Save on a CLEAR membership with the Amex Green Card

Amex Green Card Annual $100 LoungeBuddy Credits

In 2019 Amex acquired LoungeBuddy, and this is the first card to add a LoungeBuddy credit as a benefit.

The Green from Amex offers up to $100 per calendar year in LoungeBuddy statement credits when you buy lounge access and charge it to your card.

LoungeBuddy lets you instantly buy access to hundreds of lounges around the world. Now, in fairness, there is quite some overlap between LoungeBuddy’s lounges and those belonging to Priority Pass, so this may not be all that useful to everyone.

However, LoungeBuddy does also have some unique partner lounges that don’t belong to Priority Pass.

Statement credits with this should post within two to four weeks.

Buy access to all kinds of lounges with the LoungeBuddy statement credits

Amex Offers

One of the great features of Amex cards is access to Amex Offers, which offers savings or bonus points on purchases with all kinds of retailers. There’s huge value to be had in getting as many Amex cards as possible, so that you can get these offers on multiple cards.

Amex Offers could save you hundreds of dollars per year. You can access these offers by logging into your account and scrolling down to the bottom of your account summary page.

Is The Amex Green Card Worth It?

The refreshed Amex Green Card was introduced a couple of years ago, and it filled a niche that had been missing from Amex’s portfolio for so long, in my opinion.

The card offers 3x points on dining and travel, has a fairly reasonable $150 annual fee to begin with, and that gets even better when you consider the $200 in credits you can take advantage of annually.

If you’re someone who finds Amex points to be valuable and you spend a lot on dining and travel (which includes some really broad categories), then I think this card is a no brainer.

Let’s just look at a few other things to consider when deciding if this card makes sense.

Quick Card Comparison: Amex Green Vs. Amex Gold

There’s also the American Express® Gold Card, so how do the two cards compare? The Gold Card:

  • Has a $250 annual fee (Rates & Fees)
  • Earns 4x points on dining globally, 4x points at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $25,000 of spending per calendar year), and 3x points on airfare
  • The card offers significant credits, including up to a $120 annual dining credit, and Uber Cash & Uber Eats benefits

You can learn more about the Amex Gold Card here.

Personally, I think the Amex Green Card is better for those who don’t shop a lot at supermarkets, while the Amex Gold Card is better for those who spend a lot at supermarkets.

See this post for a more in-depth comparison between the Amex Gold Card and Amex Green Card.

Quick Card Comparison: Amex Green Vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is another incredibly popular card that earns bonus points on dining and travel. How do the two cards compare? The Sapphire Preferred:

  • Has a $95 annual fee
  • Has a welcome bonus of 80,000 points (which is far superior)
  • Earns 2x points on dining and travel (which isn’t as good, since the Amex Green earns 3x points, and on a per point basis I value the currencies equally)
  • Offers super travel protection, including car rental coverage (which the Amex Green doesn’t)
  • Doesn’t offer any travel credits (while the Amex Green offers a $100 CLEAR credit and $100 LoungeBuddy credit annually)
  • Offers more flexible ways to redeem your points, including the “Pay Yourself Back” feature

You can learn more about the Chase Sapphire Preferred here.

Individually I think the Amex Green might be superior to the Sapphire Preferred in terms of maximizing points. The catch is that I think the Sapphire Preferred is a better “hub” card, given the value you can create by having Chase Ultimate Rewards cards.

Quick Card Comparison: Amex Green Vs. Citi Premier

The Citi Premier® Card is another comparable mid-range card that is a competitor to this card. How do the cards compare? The Citi Premier:

  • Has a $95 annual fee
  • Has a welcome bonus of 60K points (which is superior)
  • Earns 3x points on dining, groceries, gas, air travel, and hotels, making this the mid-range card with the best bonus categories

You can learn more about the Citi Premier Card here.

Personally, I think the Citi Premier has the best bonus categories of any mid-range card. The downside to the Citi ThankYou program is that you can’t build quite the portfolio of cards that you could with Amex or Citi.

Complement: Amex Blue Business Plus

If I were to get the Amex Green Card and complement it with one other Amex card, I’d recommend The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express, which offers 2x points on the first $50,000 spent every calendar year.

It’s a pretty unbeatable combination to earn 2x points on everyday business spending and 3x points on personal dining and travel spending.

Bottom Line

The Amex Green Card is one of my favorite mid-range American Express cards. The $150 annual fee card offers 3x points on dining, travel, and transit, and offers up to $200 in annual credits ($100 with CLEAR and $100 with LoungeBuddy).

As someone who pays $100+ per year for a CLEAR membership, that is more or less good as cash to me.

It really is amazing how far credit cards have come, because in many ways this has overlap with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card, which also offers 3x points on dining and travel.

If you want to learn more about the Amex Green Card or apply, follow this link.

Apply Now

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: American Express® Gold Card (Rates & Fees), and American Express® Green Card (Rates & Fees).

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  1. Nice to see American Express offering a bonus on hotel stays that are booked outside of the AmexTravel portal!

  2. It’s really crazy to see how quick the Reserve went from best in class in just about everything to completely average, and I’d say even uncompetitive given the annual fee. Sadly it’s still the best way to earn Chase points efficiently so I’m keeping it for now, but I’m really hoping that Chase will wake up because they are being outpaced by both Amex and Citi at this point.

  3. @mojo In incognito mode, I see the$100 away credit but not the 45k MR (only 30k MR). How did the get the 45k offer?

  4. If there truly is a 45K bonus then I would get it for the bonus. Been avoiding cards for a while now and could use some extra Amex points. I’ll have to check around when I get home.

  5. Priority Pass has shot themselves in the foot by selling memberships to anyone and everyone breathing. The A-la-carte model of LoungeBuddy is the future.

  6. At this point, the only real benefits of the Reserve are
    1) Hyatt transfers
    2) United transfers (mainly useful for regular United fliers)
    3) Travel portal redemptions at 1.5 cents
    4) Points transfers from Freedom Unlimited and Freedom Reserve

    For transferable points focused people, the Reserve is less and less competitive. But travel portal redemptions at 1.5 cents are useful. So it still kind of makes sense to have the Reserve if you use the travel portal. Otherwise, Amex and Citi seem to have matched it

    Amex Green really is a Citi Premier killer, especially if you also have an Amex Schwab Platinum…

  7. Strange move by Amex, as this appears to cannibalize their Gold card. That mid-range market is a mess now, with the Citi Premier, Amex Gold and Green, and CSP all fighting in that same space. I need to go back to drawing board and re-evaluate my CC strategy. There’s so little differentiation now that it’s time to consolidate a bit.

  8. Can I get this card and then cancel it after a year ? Is that allowed could I keep the bonus miles ?

  9. Just want to clarify…. You wrote, “Ordinarily, a CLEAR membership costs $179 per year, but just for being a member (even without status) of Delta SkyMiles or United MileagePlus, that cost is reduced to $109 per year.” Does “…just for being a member…” mean having the AMEX green card or having an existing CLEAR membership?

  10. The General SkyMiles Member rate is $119, not $109. That rate is for Platinum/Gold/Silver, and Delta SkyMiles credit card holders

  11. To get the better 45K offer, you have to use incognito/private mode in your browser (nomenclature varies depending on the browser brand). And in some cases you may need to VPN to a different region in order for it to come up. (These tips work not just for this card but other Amex cards – and sometimes other banks as well.)

  12. How are amex points worth 1.7 cents pp? They’re only worth 1 cent pp when redeemed via amex’s portal, so a 1.7 valuation seems extreme. I’m curious why you conveniently leave this out of your post? The Chase Reserve is still better for overall travel IMO.

  13. @Stu Few people here are redeeming MR points through the travel portal. The value is in the transfer partners, where it’s possible to get outsized value.

  14. @lucky

    Any idea if the Green Card will offer rental car protection? Or will it be the standard add on of $19.99 or $24.99/rental? I really think AMEX is uncompetitive here.

  15. I disagree this card is better than the gold unless you spend a lot at grocery stores. While that is a plus, it also provides more useful other benefits I would actually use.

    Sure the Clear credit is unique but when you need to describe what away and a lounge buddy credit is, it’s because you know no one has ever used it. Not to mention clear isn’t as ubiquitous as PreCheck. Unless you live in nyc, ord, lax or some huge hub like dfw what’s the point?

    I could see this being a pick up and dump unless you really value the clear credit.

  16. @Lucky, how do the travel protection benefits for this compare to the Sapphire Preferred or Reserve? I’m kind of Citi focused right now with the Premier and Prestige but with all those great travel protection benefits ending, I’m looking to move over to the Amex Green/Gold + Plat or the Sapphire Preferred + Reserve.

  17. @MattR that’s true but then you have to rely on actually finding the award space that you want. I like being able to buy whatever ticket I want via the Chase portal and still earning EQMs/RDMs in the process.

  18. Stu – that works best for domestic travel, and even international economy class, but not for international business class. If you are primarily doing domestic or international economy, the Chase portal is pretty good

  19. @Stu There are scenarios where that works very well, and for many I can see the ease of redemption with Chase as the best option. Personally, I’m not chasing status and can regularly receive $.02-.03 per mile with LifeMiles or BA, even on domestic flights, so the valuation for MR is fair for my purposes. As always, YMMV and you have to make your own valuations on what works for you.

  20. I got the 45k through incognito as well as the Away luggage credit. I had to try it a few times but eventually it popped up. Just for a DP

  21. @sam I mean, it definitely has its uses and is a good card in a good system. I think Amex is finally just starting to play catch up.

  22. @ Ben — Why are you not promoting the better 45k offer? It is unethical to claim to always promote the best offer, but then do otherwise.

  23. @Sam CSR is still relevant because of Priority Pass and x1.5 points on Travel portal (this is very useful for economy passengers, as x1.5 is better than most frequent flier point valuations for economy). If anything, this hurts Amex Gold a lot, since there’s a lot of overlap between the two.

  24. Is the sign up bonus, whatever it is, good if you’ve had a green card in the past? Is this a new product?

  25. Apologies, but I’m a bit confused.

    “The Amex Green Card is a lucrative new product.”

    A friend of mine has had an Amex Green card for 20 years. So….is this really a new product, or are these new benefits for a card that’s been around for eons?

  26. Can anyone answer this question for me? Does using incognito mode put you at risk with AMEX for a clawback?

    I know they’ve been doing that recently with self-referrals. Does anyone have a personal data point or no someone who got their points clawed back?

  27. I feel like chase reserve should at least offer 4x on the 3x categories they currently offer….otherwise the annual fee (of $450 – $300 travel credit = $150) is the same for Amex lowest category green card and Chase flagship card. Just seem a bit odd to say the least. Unless people starts to cancel Chase en mass, I don’t see them upping their game. With Korean air gone and United going dynamic pricing, Chase reserve is looking more banal each day….

  28. When amex refreshes a card, what happens to the benefits (and annual fee) of the existing cards out there?

  29. Needs primary car rental insurance for me to switch from the Reserve, which also has stronger travel insurance and better transfer partners, IMO.

  30. for those touting CSR’s 1.5 cent portal usage, have a look at USB’s Altitude reserve. ALso gives you 1.5. Points aren’t transferable, but if you’re interested in 1.5, I’m assuming you’re not interested in transfers.

    It’s a $400 annual fee, but you get $325 back on travel. Real wide open so things like uber or fligts whatever get you back $325, essentially making it a $75 card.

    Best part is that mobile pay gives you 3 points a dollar, essentially making it a 4.5% return. Apple pay and such are gaining a lot of traction in the US, and are the primary way people pay in most countries in Europe.

    Other features are global entry or precheck fee refunded and priority pass select.

  31. @D3KingAmerican – you can always cancel at any time. However AMEX RAT team has been restricting users receiving bonuses on new cards with histories of cancelling within 12 or 13 months. Google and read read up on “AMEX RAT team Bonus 12 months”

  32. What happens to those of us who have the “old” green card? Are we transitioned to the “new” green card?

  33. I also immediately thought of eliminating the CSR after seeing the new green card. However, after the Citi prestige’s revamp, Amex Gold and Green revamps, I’m thinking Chase has to respond to remain competitive or slowly fade away.

    Or we’ll we keep telling ourselves that and yet, nothing has changed.

    I may downgrade to CSP for a year and observe if chase makes any improvements.

    The green card itself? High five Amex! You just got into the hotel transportation game! Was hoping for the Amazon prime rumors, but the Clear membership is a nice alternative.

  34. Confirmed I was able to bring up the 45k offer in incognito on the first try and was instantly approved.

    As someone who prefers to concentrate spend on transferable points and most of that spend is on travel and restaurants, this card is a great complement to the Sapphire Reserve. I’m stoked!

  35. Citi “revamped” the Prestige by gutting nearly all protections and benefits, and no longer makes sense as a travel card.

    5x on dining and air is great, 3x on hotels and cruises is okay, there’s no foreign transaction fees, and you can get your 4th night free up to two times per year (caveat: you have to book through them, which means you’ll pay more than going directly through the hotel).

    They’ve increased the AF to $495, though it comes with a $250 travel credit that’s easier to use than Amex, you still have to recoup $245 worth of value. Given so many other cards earn good amounts on travel and dining (NFCU More Rewards amex w/no AF earns 3x at restaurants/grocery/gas/transit(uber/lyft/tolls/parking), NFCU Signature Flagship offers 3x travel/2x everything + Global Entry credit for $49AF), the value just isn’t there for most people.

    The CSR also is hard to justify at $450, minus $300 travel credit you’re still going to be left with trying to recoup $150 value out of Priority Pass restaurants, which may not be easy AND may not last very much longer.

    The Amex Platinum is not worth keeping anymore at $550 either, with a very hard to use $200 airline fee credit, $200 uber credits spread over the year ($15/mo except $35 in dec), $50 Saks Fifth twice a year (Jan-June, July-Dec).. Even if you can make use of all of those, you’re still short $50 on a card that only earns 5x on flights, when there are better options with less hassle.

    My current setup (when not churning) is:
    – Amex Bus Platinum w/free account for doing contractor invoicing (savings of $468 vs. using Wave for the same); $200 airline fee credit, $100 at Jan-June and July-Dec; 5x on flights at This works out to actually breaking even at bare minimum, before putting any flight spend
    – Amex Blue Bus Plus, earns 2x on everything up to $50k/yr ($0AF)

    Personal spending
    – Discover It 5% on rotating categories
    – NFCU More Rewards for 3x on eating out / groceries / gas
    – NFCU Signature Flagship Rewards for 3x travel/rentals and 2x everything else not business related/not covered by other personal cards

    I used to like the Citi Prestige card, but they absolutely destroyed it. The CSR w/Freedom card combo can be good depending on rotating categories, but requires effort to maximize.

    If you have $100k in Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, you get Platinum Honors status which boosts your credit card earnings. With that status, the $0AF Bank Americard Travel Rewards earns 2.65% on everything, the $0AF Cash Rewards Visa earns 5.25% (choose a category, like “online” which works at and 3.5% on groceries, and the $95AF Premium Rewards card which earns 2.63% on everything, 3.5% on travel & dining, has a $100 Global Entry credit and a $100/yr air credit. We actually really like the earnings potential of the BoA setup, but no longer have our money at BoA so do not qualify for Platinum Honors anymore.

  36. So we have an Amex Plat card, but the authorized users have green cards. Their green cards just allow charges to go to the Plat card, and we don’t have to pay anything for them. I’m assuming nothing will change, and those green cards will still be as useless as ever.

    For restaurants, I use the Amex Gold Business. 4X for restaurants as long as restaurants are one of the two categories where you spend the most.

    All the other travel charges, I use Chase Sapphire Reserve.

    Not sure I want another Amex card. Why don’t they just give 3X to the Plat Card? I find that I hardly use my Plat card anymore….

  37. @Robert D – Yes, your “classic” green card will now have all the enhanced benefits.

    I think this statement is a mistake: “The Amex Green Card is a lucrative new product.”

    It’s not the product that’s seems new, the product has been around for decades; what’s new is the increase in the annual fee (by US $55) and the enhanced benefits that now accompany the card.

    That said, I’ve seen Amex refer to the “Classic Green Card” along with the “Traditional Green Card” and I’ve no idea what the distinction is.

  38. Unless you’re getting huge value from MR points I don’t see how this is better than a Wells Fargo Propel, an Uber Visa, a Costco Visa, etc….many cards out there with 3-4% on dining/travel categories and no annual fee to speak of. Paying a fee and then having to spend to recoup the fee isn’t the same as having no fee to begin with.

  39. Meh, there isn’t CLEAR in Hawaiʻi so can’t fully take advantage of this card. On the other hand, I can take full advantage of the CSR card so I’d still go with that.

  40. ^^ I checked the TOS, and it appears that neither gas nor airbnb will count as travel. It does include ride sharing, parking, and tolls, among other things though.

  41. The insurance is a big differentiation for CSR. Primary auto. Travel. Hard to book travel on something else.

  42. Ukkkk I hate Amex dining coding. They don’t code oversea restaurants correctly. Many restaurants were coded correctly with CSR but Amex would classify them as non-restaurants. After calling Amex multiple times, still not getting the points corrected.

  43. As someone who has the card previously I won’t be getting the signup bonus, and will be cancelling it when the new AF comes due.

  44. @lucky you sure this is a charge card? I tead media reports where they specifically said its becoming a revolver.

  45. I’m amused by all the folk writing about how the new Green card makes the CSR useless. I’ve done my own side by side comparison, and for me, the CSR still beats the Platinum, the Gold, the Green, and the Prestige.

    I was particularly amused by the comment that the only way to recoup the CSR’s $150 net annual fee is by eating at Priority Pass restaurants. I have had the CSR from its inception and have never eaten at a Priority Pass restaurant, yet I easily recoup the fee in the first few months of the year and surpass my 2% cash back card by midyear.

  46. I am super pissed at LoungeBuddy right now. They discontinued the Android app.

    Hi Erica,

    Thanks for contacting LoungeBuddy!

    I apologize for the confusion. At this time we’ve had to make the decision to focus on iOS for the time being. While we do hope to release a refreshed Android app in the future, we don’t yet have a release date available

    We appreciate your patience and support.

    Best regards,
    **** and the LoungeBuddy Team

  47. @Charlie because saying outrageous things on the internet to get attention is the new norm.

    I agree with your points though, and like I said earlier, the x1.5 redemption on travel is better than any economy partner points redemption. Andtogether with my CFU in its first year, I am literally getting x3, x4.5 on travel, on literally everything I buy with a Chase credit card.

  48. Whether the Green card represents a good deal largely depends on how one values the CLEAR statement credit. I personally don’t need CLEAR because I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes in a TSA PreCheck line. I’d assert that the LoungeBuddy credit is essentially useless except for a couple of very niche use-cases; it certainly doesn’t compete with Priority Pass in any capacity. So for someone who already has Amex Gold and Platinum like myself, is a $150 AF worth it to get a broad 3x travel category multiplier? Probably not considering cheaper alternatives like the Citi Premier.

  49. Lucky-Could you pls do a comparison of the benefits and insurances of the Amex Green and CSR (and CSP)? In comparing a new card to a current card I feel there is more than just welcome bonus and earnings ratios. Chase’s Sapphires, especially the CSR, has fantastic travel benefits – primary car rental ins, Emergency Evacuation,etc. No mention of the Amex Green benefits/insurnaces at all. Is that cause there are none? Other banks have been slashing benefits lately and Chase hasnt on Sapphires. The CSR (and to a lesser degree CSP) have had benefits that were superior in many categories to other banks – and to the best of my knowledge the only card that has Emergency Evacuation. And car ins is all secondary except for CSR, CSP, and United. I love getting the news out fast, but I would prefer it be a complete comparison – or at least mention that this is Part 1 of a 2 part article… that you’ll be writing about the travel benefits and insurances comparison shortly. thanks –

  50. @ Mark @ Bill — Thanks! The information we received originally was not comprehensive, apparently. We’ve confirmed that the card will be issued as a credit card going forward (though don’t have details on what will happen to existing accounts), and have updated the post.

  51. I thought the Green Card is charge card, so applied and got approved for the 45K bonus, if this is credit card, then the Green Card is my 7th Amex credit card (4 Hilton, Blue Cash, Marriott) that I’m holding right now, isn’t there a 5 limit? I also have two charge cards, the Gold and Plat, one Marriott biz card.

  52. I have a gold and since Costco stopped using Amex the big spending on groceries is done via CSR. I now barely spend more than $350/month on my gold.

    Should I downgrade to Green?
    Or should I use a totally different Amex product? I dont’ want to risk anything with my credit score and I don’t want to lose my partnership with Amex that I’ve had since 1985.

  53. Honestly, I’m confused with what Amex is doing…

    The Amex stack for me now would be Platinum + Green + Everyday Preferred.

    I know you get 1x more points on groceries and dining, but the monthly $10 dining credit is annoying at best, and you’ll always spend more than the credit which pretty much negates the points bonus.

  54. @Lucky Amex green actually have a foreign transaction fee and it’s 2.7% after dollar conversion as stated in the t&c. Just FYI.

  55. @ lou — That may be true for a different version of the card, but the new Amex Green issued in the U.S. doesn’t have forex fees; you can see all the fees listed by clicking on the link for “Rates & Fees”.

  56. @Lucky

    Can we get a breakdown or a post of lounges available on lounge buddy but NOT priority pass that are worth this credit? Anyone else have a list they can recommend? I’m not talking about some BS lounge, but actually a fairly nice and decent one.


  57. @John

    Most of us have to spend money on food regardless of a credit or no credit. I used to order delivery 10 times a month so a $10 credit is welcomed. Even if you order Chinese food once a month or a pizza, a $10 credit helps. Some restaurants have a 1.99 delivery charge for grubhub versus free calling it in but that still makes it an $8 effective credit and a lot of times I don’t have cash and will order it online anyway.

  58. @morris

    Thanks that is useful. I am star gold so have access to it but this might be my last year of that and will be a free agent so could come in handy if no other lounge access for my flights

  59. Since they changed it to a revolver is this considered a new product where we can get the signup bonus if we had the green card in the past?

  60. Mine still shows as a charge card and not as a revolver. I only applied and was approved for it after the relaunch in October…. will this in fact change to a revolver?

  61. Update, base level United membership gets you clear for $119 now, not $109. It’s lower if you have status or a branded credit card. I just renewed.

  62. Meh, disappointed they haven’t adjusted the benefits for 2021 with the $80 cell phone reimbursement expired. CLEAR is useless even in H2 2021 because biz travel will be low, so TSA waits will be minimal

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