American Admirals Clubs to offer free adult beverages starting October 1

As the title suggests, American will start offering complimentary beer, wine, and spirits in their Admirals Clubs on October 1. Premium beverages will still be available for purchase.

This was no doubt inevitable. This means that the only US airline not to have free alcohol in their clubs is United. I’m sure that was going to change with the Continental merger anyway, but I’m betting American announcing this will make United adopt the change just a little bit quicker.

(Tip of the hat to Wendy)

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  1. Or they may be making this change as they knew that United was moving this way…. in any case, I anxiously await this change for United.

  2. Yeah,,, I used to have to play tricks to get free drinks on my international flights on American… I’d leave the club and re-enter, or complain about my long flights, or go from one club to another in the same airport (miami was great for this :)…

    This will make my life so much easier… although after my flight this weekend to brazil, I’ll reach EXP, and can just go into the flagship lounges where the booze is always free 🙂

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