Amazing Rates For Andaz Maui At Wailea

The Andaz Maui at Wailea opened just a couple of months ago, and they have some great introductory rates through January 8, 2014. While this promotion isn’t new, it sure looks more and more tempting as the weather in Seattle continues to worsen.

My main issue with many hotels in Hawaii is that they’re well past their prime — particularly in Maui — so having a newly built property is awesome. And I happen to love the Andaz brand, which makes it all the more exciting.


Anyway, the Andaz Maui has a great promotion through January 8, 2014, when you request offer code WAILEA at the time of booking:

  • If you book four nights, two of those nights will be free, plus you’ll get a $75 resort credit
  • If you book five nights, two of those nights will still be free, and you’ll get a $150 resort credit


Four nights in Maui sounds pretty darn awesome right about now, so I had a look at rates for early December, and saw they started at $369 per night using the above promotion.


Here are the rate rules:


Keep in mind those are the rates before applying the two free days. Here’s the rate breakdown including taxes (again, prior to applying the two free nights):


So in the end you’d pay ~$837 for four nights, plus get a $75 resort credit. ~$200 per night for an awesome new property in Maui is a pretty tough value to beat.

Making it even more tempting, we’re approaching the end of the year, and I assume many of us still have Gold Passport Diamond confirmed suite upgrades to burn. Suite upgrades at the Andaz Maui confirm into the “Andaz Suite,” which retails for over $1,000 per night.


Maui, here I come (I think!).

Has anyone stayed at this property, taken advantage of this offer, or have plans to before the promotion ends on January 8?

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  1. My friend is staying there next week and was told that the WAILEA rate did not qualify for suite upgrade certificate. Have you heard otherwise?

  2. I’m not sure which Seattle you’re living in. While it’s getting colder and windy, the sun has been coming out almost every afternoon! Beautiful day today too!

    That said, if you need a partner for Maui, let me know. 😉

  3. I stayed at the Andaz Maui at Wailea last month on the WAILEA rate and used a Diamond confirmed suite upgrade. Since our stay during the first week of October, the hotel has changed their policy of confirming into an Andaz Suite; they now confirm suite upgrades to partial-view suites (which might also be pool suites – no view from those). We were supposed to be in an Andaz Suite for our four-night stay, but were put in a partial-view suite (we were compensated by points for not providing the level of room promised). Anyway, I don’t think the Andaz Suite upgrades are worth it at this hotel without the view. Service at the hotel is lackluster; everyone there is VERY eager to help, but – as my husband pointed out – they’re “all teenagers for whom this seems like their first jobs.” We had a disappointing stay.

  4. @ Sam — Hah, that’s true, it has been an uncharacteristically nice fall (or year for that matter). Today is beautiful, that’s for sure.

  5. Going in a couple of weeks for 4 nights on the promo rate you mention and using points for the 5th night.

    My suite upgrade cleared, no problem. Looking forward to it!

  6. Im staying 5 nights on points. No longer the great value with a deal like this but i am looking for a free trip so im going to keep the reservation and enjoy my trip

  7. damn, and I am going in February. At least I am not paying anything, but I would have gone for this rather than burning Hyatt points.

  8. “My main issue with many hotels in Hawaii is that they’re well past their prime — particularly in Maui — so having a newly built property is awesome.” seems a bit harsh. The Westin doesn’t show its age and The Westin Ocean Resort Villas has been an on-going construction site for some time as they keep expanding. That’s hardly past its prime.

  9. I am at the property now. They would not allow me to apply a diamond suite upgrade. Still a great deal.

  10. I am there (here) at this very moment, and I can’t say enough about this amazing property. I’m sitting under an expertly placed umbrella on the beach in front of the hotel, where you can snorkel, SUP, boogie, kayak, and, of course, swim in the insanely clear water. I wish I could post a picture in the comments! Yesterday a giant sea turtle swam right under my daughter and I as we were paddling around on some rented boogie boards. The building itself is incredibly gorgeous, but the real gem is the staff, who are in a completely different universe of helpfulness, friendliness and knowledge: Simply outstanding. At $379 a night it would be worth it. At $200 it’s a no-brainier.

  11. I don’t think this is new construction. It was previously the Renaissance Wailea. I was married there on the lawn in September 2006. It shut down less than a year after our marriage and was supposed to be turned into high end condos or something like that. Then the financial fiasco happened and it stalled for quite some time. Maybe even switched owners before Andaz?? From what I understand it was a big reno/facelift. I am sure one of your readers probably has the full scoop. Too bad to hear the service wasn’t all that great. We had been considering going back and staying there but my tastes are more Four Seasons now…. 😉

  12. Just stayed 4nights on points, as a diamond was upgraded to Andaz suite. This is an entirely new hotel. Previous property was demolished. I could write a book but facilities and service were amazing.

    We loved everything about the hotel. That being said, the diamond buffet was great but would be 45 each. Due to the small size of the hotel Therese are limited flood choices. The hotel is also not family friendly in my opinion.

    I would rate the hotel a 5 out of 5

  13. Staying there later this week, and was able to apply the Diamond Suite upgrade on the WAILEA rate and it’s the partially obstructed suite. Really looking forward to it!

  14. Thanks for the head’s up on this Lucky! Will try and squeeze in a trip for sure…

    Are you using points for the air portion?

    Also, I wonder if anyone knows if Platinum would get any type of upgrade or free breakfast?

  15. How do people not see that these Andaz posts are advertisements? 3 bloggers have posted multiple times about one property- there are thousands of new hotel openings each year and yet this one gets this much attention? Cmon.

  16. @ Tyler — Advertisement? Hate to break it to you, but I haven’t been offered a free stay there, been given free status from Hyatt, or been compensated for my opinions. I just love the brand and love warm weather.

  17. Hard to believe that- there are over 30 new Hyatts alone that none of you have talked about,yet the Andaz Maui gets massive coverage.

  18. @ Tyler — If there’s another new Hyatt that has great rates and you think people would enjoy please let me know and I’ll gladly blog about it!

  19. Really, Any of them would be more informative than all bloggers harping on the same one. And I’m currently confirming with a close friend at Hyatt Corp what marketing strategies they are employing for this hotel-I’ll let you know what they say 😉

  20. Was there in September for 8 nights in an Ocean View Suite and I am looking forward to going back this month.
    The young and so-called “inexperienced” staff are all amazing as much for their warm welcome as their interest in making sure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as can be.
    The breakfast is excellent and the food is great.
    I encourage everyone to take advantage of this offer.
    (I do not work for Hyatt and I am not a blogger/advertiser)

  21. I’m sure they’ve done a great job with a total gut renovation but it seems extremely likely to me that the Renaissance was not torn down and that at least the superstructure has been reused. Comparing photos of the two resorts the footprint, the shape of the balconies, and the exterior finishes appear just about identical.

  22. Just to confirm for anyone looking, Suite upgrade is available with the WAILEA rate code. Just need to make sure that HGP/Andaz know that clearly, HGP messed up a bit and applied different rate when i called them. Follow up email fixed the issue

  23. Just stayed at Andaz for 2 weeks in deluxe ocean view room. More than exceeded our expectations. The service is outstanding. The resort is uncluttered, immaculate and much less congested than the other behemoths along the same shoreline. One of the few resorts with an actual sandy beachfront.

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