Aloha to the Hawaiian Airlines Visa cards?

For a long while now Hawaiian Airlines has been running some decent sign-up bonuses on their co-branded Visa cards, offering 20,000 miles after the first purchase, and an additional 15,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 90 days. While 35,000 miles is far from an amazing sign-up bonus (especially when they’re Hawaiian miles, which aren’t the most valuable mileage currency), it’s nothing to sneeze at.

For two weeks (or so) now the links to the personal Hawaiian Visa credit cards have been dead. At first I assumed it was a technical glitch, though in the meantime any mention of them has also been removed from the Bank of America travel cards page.

No love for Hawaiian!

The only application that still seems to work is for the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Business Card.

Anyway, I don’t have a clue what’s going on, though I do find it odd they’re just pulling the cards without any sort of an announcement. I assume nothing is changing (at least yet) for existing card members. The only speculation I’ve seen relates to this news from January about Bank of Hawaii getting into the business of directly issuing credit cards, so it could be we’ll see a new product issued directly by Bank of Hawaii, which makes sense to me.

So while this is very much “developing,” I figured I’d at least make a post so no one thinks they’re crazy if they can’t get the Hawaiian Airlines credit card applications to load. And if anyone has any insight, by all means share it in the comments section, please!

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  1. Damn. Both Hawaiian Airlines and Virgin America were on my “to do” list. I hope the next HA one is similarly lucrative.

  2. its says on the biz card offer 35K after qualifying purchases? does that mean after first purchase? this is a $50 annual fee?

  3. went to bank of hawaii recently asking about this card and they told me a new credit card product should be available this fall.

  4. I heard directly from Hawaiian Airlines mileage program person that there will be a card program, presumably not BofA, but another bank this month or by September.

  5. It is now Sept, and no partner in sight. My friend is willing to give me her 12k miles, but I can’t get them if I don’t have a card- so it’s Catch-22. Seems illegal to advertise a benefit that is impossible to effect.

  6. I thought I was going crazy. Thank you for blogging about it! I thought about calling the airline, but it’s not a good sign that the card, without notice or alerts, has been removed from the sites. Is Hawaiian Airlines still passing out the applications on the plane?

  7. You guys gotta all chill. My bank of Hawaii branch told me they are on hold and will get the cards back sometime next year. Seems a while to chill about but the world didn’t end…

  8. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported recently that Barclaycard US is opening a third US call center in Henderson, NV, and will move into Zappos’ former headquarters in early 2014. If BOH is going to issue it, and Barclaycard US is going to administer, than this could be part of the HA VISA reinstatement.

  9. We’ll there you go, Ben, the brand new Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard from Barclaycard US is now available! Happy New Year! See the Hawaiian Airlines website. The wait is over!

  10. Just got my Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard offer in the mail today. 35000 miles if $1000 spent in purchases within the first 90 days. Purchases and balance transfers are 0% for first 12 billing cycles. $89 annual fee though.

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