New 40K Welcome Bonus On Alaska Visa Card

Update: Some are saying they don’t see the offer on the Alaska Airlines homepage, though I see it without being logged in, so this may be a case of “your mileage may vary.”

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles are one of the most valuable mileage currencies out there on a per mile basis, in my opinion. The miles aren’t especially easy to earn, given that they don’t partner with Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, or Citi ThankYou.

Back in the day the bonus on the card typically only went as high as 25K miles. Then it became 30K miles. Lately we’ve seen targeted bonuses of 40K miles, though only for residents of certain states where Alaska is trying especially hard to grow market share.

However, now it looks like the Alaska Airlines Visa Card has a public 40K mile welcome bonus, as it’s showing up directly on With this, the card is offering 40,000 bonus miles plus an Alaska companion ticket after spending $2,000 within the first 90 days.

The Alaska companion ticket is a great deal, as it gives you a zero dollar fare, and you just have to pay the taxes and fees, which start at just $22. This is valid for virtually all economy tickets anywhere Alaska flies, and the companion is even eligible for mileage accrual, upgrades, etc.

The card has a $75 annual fee that isn’t waived for the first year.

While this isn’t a card I recommend putting a lot of spend on, it is a card that’s worth holding onto long term, in my opinion, assuming you ever fly Alaska. Personally I hold onto the card for the companion certificate. After the first year it’s a $99 companion certificate (plus taxes and fees starting at $22), so “all-in” I’m paying under $200 per year for that, and I consistently redeem it for more expensive tickets.

The card also offers a free checked bag on Alaska flights for you and up to six other guests on the same reservation, assuming that’s something you’d get value out of.

So if you’ve been considering this card, this is an excellent time to apply.

(Tip of the hat to @newdaybegin1984)


  1. If you already have an Alaska credit card, can you apply for another one to get the sign up bonus?

  2. I guess it depends on how much Alaska Air likes you, bc I’ve got the 40K offer. 😉

    That link, however, didn’t work for me either; I had to go to to see it.

  3. I played around with some VPN settings and it does look like this is being targeted to those on the west coast. In particular, selecting an IP address in San Jose will get you the offer.

  4. I see the 40k offer at My IP address is in California (possibly targeted to west coast?).

  5. I’m seeing the 40K offer from my logged in account page, or the 30K + $100 statement credit in-line offer when making a booking…..waiting to see if booking offer updates to 40K+$100 credit….both currently give the free companion ticket after $2k/90 days spend.

  6. 40K. WA resident.

    Important to note that you can use the companion certificate for flight to Hawaii,unlike Delta.

    My wife got it last year and she got the certificate shorty after. A few weeks I believe. Not sure if that has changed since.

  7. I’m in TX and didn’t get the offer. If you have a VPN like Private Internet Access where you can select the location you want to connect through, select California and then open in a new private browser or incognito window (so you avoid cookies) and you’ll see the 40k offer.

  8. Further, reviewed the T&C and there’s no mention of the 40k bonus being limited to any particular states. As long as you click through using the right link– via West Coast– it shouldn’t matter what your actual home state is.

  9. I logged in to my Alaska account earlier today and saw the 40K offer. I applied and got the BOA is reviewing your application page. I’ll call them to see what the hold up is later today.

  10. WA resident… I have cards already but got the 40k offer on the main page. I got denied earlier this year for having too many ‘recent applications’ on my credit file so I know I can’t get this time… oh well. Nice opportunity for some I am sure. Try clearing cookies and VPN pointed to west coast server.

    Oh I missed the good old days of getting multiple cards getting approved on same day.

  11. @yy Be the data point you want to see. More importantly, be the data point I want to see and report back here!

  12. @yy, I have two accounts in the USA and received the bonus on both of them. In Canada, I have three accounts and received the bonus on all three. I don’t close my accounts. Ido, however, get good use out of 5 companion certificates annually.

    @Brian Kusler, you will receive the companion certificate upon account opening as well as on each anniversary date, if in good standing. Your first companion certificate will be an e-code that will be available in your Mileage Plan account. They have a one year expiry date. Your first one will post about 5-7 days after the closing date of your billing cycle. The companion certificate will post with 1 mile, effectively keeping your miles from expiring while you have the card.

    @Lucky, I believe the companion certificate has the free feature in the first year only. Subsequent years it should be $99 plus fees/taxes totaling $122 for the companion fare.

    While you could churn this card, I have heard that AS has suspended accounts for doing so.

  13. @LAXJeff – had the same experience. Called BofA and they pushed it through/approved. Bay Area resident; got the 40k bonus.

  14. With my VPN set to US, I see the 40K. Set to Canada – also 40K for US users. My real IP is in WA state, so I assume it’s also 40K. But I already have the card (planning to drop it). It’s about time they did something, anything, beyond 30K.

  15. WA resident, clicked the link above and got the 40k offer. I’ve been denied a couple times this year by BoA, so I’m hoping my next app (next month) will be successful.

  16. I got the 40k offer, but am not ready to apply yet. I haven’t found any mention of the offer expiration date. Does anybody know how long this will be offered?

  17. It took several days, but my application status changed to approved. If only I could have paired this with 120K AS miles from the old Marriott nights and flights package.

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