Alaska Mileage Plan one way awards now bookable on British Airways

Back in February a rumor made the rounds that Alaska would start allowing one-way awards when using Mileage Plan miles on partner airlines. Fortunately that rumor turned out to be true, and as of a few weeks ago they started allowing one-way awards on American at half the price of a roundtrip.

They said this functionality would slowly be rolled out on other carriers, and it seems like British Airways is now the second carrier on which you can book one-way awards at half the cost of a roundtrip, as you can see below.

This is great news. British Airways isn’t my favorite Alaska partner given that it’s the only partner on which they impose fuel surcharges. That being said it’s nice to have the option, and here’s to hoping it continues to be rolled out on other carriers, especially Cathay Pacific and Emirates (which are their two most valuable partners, in my opinion).

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. It will be interesting if Alaska Mileage plan will be able to book EK one-way flights at half the miles of a roundtrip flight. Even EK’s own frequent flyer plan, Skywards, don’t allow one-way awards at the saver-level (only in flex.)

  2. Romsdeals: Since when can you not book am Alaska flight using Avios. I booked a one-way flight on Alaska using 4,500 Avios last fall. I don’t believe that’s been taken away.

  3. I like it the other way around. Avios are extremely valuable for short flights or even for last minute decisions.

    (can’t beat MIA-CUN/ATL for 9000 avios RT and $5.00 !)

  4. File this in the category “Much ado about nothing”

    Given the heinous surcharges for travel on BA to/from London, the only rational use of airline miles for BA TATL travel would be with the BA 2-for-1 companion cert.

    Otherwise you would be better off saving your AS miles for other uses, and accumulating BA miles for BA travel.

    The fact that a new option exists does not necessarily make it a program enhancement.

  5. @ asen — While it’s not cheap, I do think it’s quite a good value to South Africa or Asia, especially if you could book it as a one-way. While it’s not amazing, truthfully I was expecting worse.

  6. I see you can redeem for World Traveler Plus. What other programs besides BA and AS allow you to book World Traveler Plus on BA?

  7. @ dan6681 — I know there are a few OneWorld partners including British Airways and Qantas that allow such redemptions.

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