Admirals Club Members Now Get More Board Room Access

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I’d be willing to bet that over the coming years the relationship between American and Alaska will be strengthened. Up until now, Alaska’s closest partner has been Delta, though with their “Battle in Seattle” we’ve slowly seen them pull apart from one another, including cutting benefits to partner elite members.

While perhaps not directly related to this, it’s worth noting that American Airlines Admirals Club members now receive access to Alaska Airlines Board Rooms under more circumstances.

Fresh pancakes in the Alaska Board Room!

Previously, Admirals Club members would only receive access to Alaska Board Rooms if flying on American flights. In other words, if an Admirals Club member were flying on Alaska they wouldn’t receive access to the Board Room. In a way I get it, in a way that seems a bit backwards.

Anyway, this has now been changed for the better — Admirals Club members now receive Board Room access regardless of whether they’re flying Alaska or American. This is awesome news.


As a reminder, Alaska’s Board Room locations include Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Personally I already have Board Room access thanks to my Priority Pass Select membership, which I have courtesy of The Platinum Card® from American Express. That allows me to use a Board Room regardless of which airline I fly, though I also don’t have guesting privileges.

I also have an Admirals Club membership thanks to the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card, so now I can take up to two guests or immediate family member into the Board Room as long as I’m flying Alaska or American.

Lastly, since I’m sure someone will ask, those with one day Admirals Club passes, or those trying to access lounges with oneworld status still wouldn’t get access to the Alaska Board Rooms.

Bottom line

This is a really great change. Overall, Alaska Board Rooms are a bit better than Admirals Clubs, at least in terms of the food and drink selection. They have pancakes in the morning, and soup and salad in the afternoons and evenings.

The one downside of Board Rooms is that the employees in the Board Room are non-unionized, and therefore aren’t allowed to help you in the case of irregular operations (at least that was the case the last time I had an issue with a flight).

For the time being I’ll get the best of both worlds — I can use my Priority Pass membership to access the lounge regardless of which airline I’m flying, and can use my Admirals Club membership to take guests for free whenever I’m flying Alaska or American.

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  1. I have not tried to access a Board Room using my Citi Executive Advantage card, does anyone have experience doing this, particularly at SEA and LAX? I don’t want to be sent on the walk of shame when a Board Room employee looks at my credit card and says WTF.

  2. Meh. Already had this from Priority Pass. What I really want is the access to the Cathay lounge at SFO that Board Room members get, now that Alaska has closed the SFO Board Room.

  3. I have an early morning flight out of Portland on Alaska Air coming up. I am looking forward to the Pancake Printer. Hopefully I can bring a guest in on my Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MC.

  4. question
    if i have both am ex plat card and AA citi plat ccard
    can i get access to Alaska Board room in sfo?

  5. Am flying into Lax on US today and connecting to AA. Have both PP (fairmont card) and AC membership (Cit exec card). When I booked the flight US was in terminal 3 so was going to use VA lounge before going to terminal 4. Now arriving flight is in T6 so will use boardroom before walking through the tunnels. It is god to know they take AC membership now but at least I have the PP as a back up. There are 4 of us and we have 2 AC memberships and 4 PP. I like that we can save our PP visits.

  6. @Patrick: There is no longer a Board Room at SFO. Board Room members get access to the Cathay Pacific lounge there, but neither of the cards you mentioned qualifies.

  7. @ patrick SMITH — There’s no Board Room there anymore, and even if there were, you’d need the Citi Executive AAdvantage Card to get access (since it comes with an Admirals Club membership).

  8. Two pieces of info missing:

    1) LAX was previously excluded entirely from the agreement. It is now included.
    2) Board Room members now have unfettered access to the ACs in Austin, O’Hare, Newark and Denver. Previously only when flying AS.

  9. We just got denied by the ANC Boardroom using our AAdvantage Citi World Elite MC. Unbelievable. Said she’d never heard of it and since it doesn’t say ‘Admirals Club’ on it it must not provide access!! I said we use it at least twice a month to access Admirals Clubs, even mentioned to the other host why not just taking my word for face value and being more accommodating. They were very dismissive and I had to give my young sons a lesson in the type of people who enjoy exerting power over other people.

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