Your Last Chance To Get Admirals Club Access With The Citi Prestige Card

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Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

The Citi Prestige Card has historically been one of the hottest credit cards out there, though we recently learned about some major changes coming to the card, most of which kick in next year.

For existing cardmembers, the following four benefits are changing for the Citi Prestige Card as of July 23, 2017:

  • It will no longer come with Admirals Club access
  • Citi ThankYou points earned with the card will no longer be redeemable for 1.6 cents each towards the cost of a ticket on American, but rather will be redeemable for 1.25 cents each towards travel on any airline
  • The three complimentary rounds of golf will no longer be offered as a benefit
  • For the purposes of the fourth night free hotel benefit, the refund will be calculated based on the average cost of the four nights, and taxes will no longer be included with the statement credit

Personally I think the Citi Prestige Card is still worth holding onto. While the card has a $450 annual fee, the $250 annual airline credit plus fourth night free hotel benefit alone make the card more than worthwhile, at least in my case. I view the airline credit as more or less being worth face value, so I’m paying $200 out of pocket for a card that gets me a fourth night free hotel benefit, a great return on everyday spend, and excellent travel protection.

Anyway, while the above perks continue to be valid through July 23, 2017, there’s a major exception, as noted by Miles to Memories, which I also independently confirmed with a representative from Citi.

Those who apply for the Citi Prestige Card on September 1 or later will no longer receive Admirals Club access. Existing cardmembers will continue to get access through July 23, 2017, though new cardmembers who apply as of September 1 will no longer get Admirals Club access.


Bottom line

Even if you don’t see long term value in the Citi Prestige Card, the card continues to offer an excellent suite of benefits through July 23, 2017. However, those who apply for the Citi Prestige Card on September 1 or later will no longer receive Admirals Club access, which is something to be aware of.

So you’ll want to apply for the card by tomorrow if you’re someone who values Admirals Club access. This card can still be extremely worthwhile, in my opinion.

  1. This card is dropping away fast. I was only going to keep it to use the 4th night free perk, but that’s been a nightmare recently. Every booking takes 15-20 minutes for them to just “check the rates” on 1 hotel. 90% of the time they do not see the lowest standard rate that is publicized on the hotel website, and instead quote me a high rack rate. Is it just me? For example, I’m currently trying to book a SPG property in Paris, and they’re not even seeing the rates on

  2. This is so BS.
    No more AC access, lower sign up bonus, higher spend requirement, same heavy annual fee while the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card is offering an insane deal…what the hell is Citi thinking?
    Clearly they are not thinking at all.

  3. Question: Chase Sapphire Reserve is not a Visa card right?
    Lucky or other members could somebody please recommend a good Visa credit card to my portfolio. I have citi Mastercard and Amex at the moment. Thank you for your suggestions.

  4. @JS

    No, it is not just you.
    We leave for Italy in a fews days and I used the card to it’s full advantage, but I won’t be renewing it.

    The “concierge” is anything but; compared to the Chase staff that has helped me in the past the Citi staff is woefully incompetent. Confirmation for one particular booking’s late arrival took 6 days, I spent 30 minutes with them helping them to find the room rate that was clearly displayed in their browser, and not a single booking received the touted “upgrades”.
    And my favorite part? One of the bookings placed through their concierge was flagged for fraud requiring another 30 minutes to get sorted out. Why a credit card company that had just been paid for 2 Italian airline tickets would find potential fraud in the booking of a hotel in the arrival city is beyond my ability to understand.

    Thankfully, I was approved for the Chase Reserve. Ciao, Citi.

  5. @Steven Now I’m fairly certain that they make the booking process as difficult as possible to deter people from using it. Yes thankfully CSR came along, and I can finally cancel this card!

  6. Chase really seems to be capitalizing on Citi’s downturn right now. As the Citi Prestige eliminates perks and introduces more complexities to booking (as the comments here suggest), Chase enters with an almost too-good-to-be-true signup bonus and daily return. Kudos to the head honchos at Chase for seeing their opening in the premium card market and handsomely capitalizing on it.

  7. I may be one of the only people who has not had really any bad experiences with the Citi staff. I book hotels with them every week and have always received my credit without prompting. I’ve only not received an email confirmation from Citi once.

  8. @George
    I’m truly glad you have had good experiences.

    But this Citi client is not thrilled with the sub-premium experience of this premium-priced card.

  9. Everyone loves the CSR now but the bebefits will change in 2017 and these “I love Chase” comments will change. These benefit levels are not sustainable.

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