AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard 60K Bonus Returns

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In late 2017 we saw the introduction of the AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard from Barclays. This is the business version of the AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard.

The card’s welcome bonus seems to fluctuate between 40,000 and 60,000 miles after making a single purchase, and right now the card once again has its best ever welcome bonus (which we last saw in summer 2018).

New 60K bonus on AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard

The AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard now has a welcome bonus of 60,000 AAdvantage miles after making $1,000 in purchases within the first 90 days, and paying the $95 annual fee. This is a phenomenal bonus. This is limited time, though no end date has been published yet.

This card also has some great perks that could make it worth holding onto, including:

  • A $99 companion certificate on your account anniversary, when you spend $30,000 or more on eligible purchases during the year
  • 2x miles on eligible American Airlines purchases, as well as office supply, telecom, and car rental purchases
  • Annual 5% AAdvantage mileage bonus, earned on your account anniversary date every year and based on the total number of miles earned
  • First checked bag free for you and up to four companions when traveling on domestic itineraries operated by American
  • Preferred boarding for you and up to four companions when traveling on American
  • 3,000 elite qualifying dollars when you spend $25,000 on purchases each calendar year
  • 25% savings on inflight purchases of food & beverages
  • No foreign transaction fees

One advantage of applying for business cards is that the applications generally shouldn’t count as new cards for the purposes of the 5/24 rule. So you can potentially apply for this card and not have it show as a new card on your personal credit report.

The Aviator Red Mastercard is also offering a 60K bonus

Since late January, the personal version of the card, the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard, is offering a bonus of 60,000 AAdvantage miles after making a single purchase within 90 days of account opening. The card has a $95 annual fee, which isn’t waived the first year.

On top of that, American also has co-branded Citi cards, some of which have good bonuses as well.

Current American AAdvantage Offers

Bottom line

It’s great to see a return of the best-ever welcome bonus on Barclays’ co-branded AAdvantage business cards. 60,000 miles is an excellent bonus, especially given the reasonable minimum spend requirement.

Do you plan on picking up the AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard with the 60K bonus?

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  1. Hey Ben, the link sends us to an offer for 60,000 miles after $1k spend, not first purchase. Just an FYI.

  2. “This card also has some great perks that could make it worth holding onto”

    And yet you literally wrote a post just a couple days ago (maybe even yesterday) that you consider the Citi Executive card the only “worthwhile” AA card at the moment. Also no mention here of the fact that one of the most valuable perks of the AA aviator cards (the 10% rebate on points) is going away.

    As someone who has followed your blog since the beginning, I find all the credit card posts annoying, but fine, you have to make a living. But posts like this not only annoy me but make me question your integrity. *sigh*

  3. @ Andrew — I appreciate the feedback, but this is actually a card on which I don’t make a commission (and that applies to all Barclays AA cards). So not sure what you’re suggesting my motive is?

    The perks that could make it worthwhile include the first checked bag and priority boarding, which are worthwhile for non-elites.

    The post yesterday was about the card that I still find worthwhile as an Executive Platinum member.

    Sorry if I maybe didn’t state that correctly, though please don’t question my integrity, especially as I share a welcome bonus on a card I get no sort of commission on.

  4. Hi Ben,

    If i was approved for the Barclay arrival card last week. Will i get approved if i applied for this card so soon ?

  5. Hi Ben. I applied and was approved for the card last week with the 50k bonus. Will a SM work to match this offer? I have been successful with the personal card match in the past, but unsure if business card matches work the same.

  6. So, to clarify/confirm…Barclay’s Aviator Business card earns 3K EQD after 25K spend while the personal Aviator Silver card earns 3K EQD after 50K spend?

  7. @Lucky: I have both Platinum and Red Aviator cards for AA miles. If I cancel the Citi card, can I move my AA miles to Barclay card? Thanks

  8. How hard is it to get approved for this business card? We have a real business registered as an LLC with an EIN and everything, but it’s less than a year old. We were rejected not long ago from another issuer because the business was too new.

  9. Ben, thank you for responding, and my sincere apologies for assuming the worst.

    I genuinely appreciate your blog and the work you put into it (it’s the only travel blog I really read), even though I do often find the ratio of credit card posts to other travel-related posts annoying. But I should have been more careful in the way I expressed my thoughts, or maybe even not have expressed them at all. Again, thank you for clarifying, and I’m sorry.

  10. Ben: Same question as above, I applied and was approved for the card two weeks ago with the 50k bonus. What tactic works to get them to increase it to 60k?

    Also I agree with Robert, their website is awful … this is the case with a number of biz cards but compared to the personal card site + app (both are quite good) this is the pits.

  11. Despite what some have said, I personally love the credit card posts. I hate missing out on a good bonus. I just might apply for this card. Thank you for your blog. Keep up the good work!

  12. UPDATE: I called this morning and the rep said even though I just received the card I would qualify for 60K instead of the 50K in the offer I had two weeks ago.

  13. I had the regular Barclay Red card with my SS# starting ’17 , and cancelled it September ’18.
    Any chance I can sign up for their Business card now with my EIN #?
    Not sure if they treat them separately.

  14. Hi. Just wanted to check and see if you’ve had the personal card already (cancelled a year ago) whether you are eligible for the business card bonus? The language is imprecise because it turns on the definition of “the card”. I called Barclays and they said that the two products are separate and that, hence, I could receive the business bonus. The problem is relying on a telephone chat is hardly a good idea when they would have a motivation to deny you if they could after you’ve joined on.

    Any further help on this issue would be appreciated. Thank you.

  15. Hi,
    I just got refused for our US based Inc. (since 35 years in business which I am the president of) because the majority of our shareholders are Foreigners and Barclay wants from them a written statement that they allow me to apply for that Barclay credit card.

    I have a minimum of other business credit cards from Chase, Citi and American Express.

    Can`t presidents apply for credit cards in the US without written permission from shareholders?
    Thanks for educating me.

  16. update: After having had the Aviator red card for just 8 months, and having canceled it 7 months ago, I was approved for the 60 K business card instantly, 2 days ago. BUT, wait a minute, I thought that Business cards don’t count in your FICO score, and don’t count in Chase’s 24/7. Strangely they did not ask for for an EIN #, but for my SS # instead, and today I received a note from Chase ‘Credit journey’, alerting me that a change was reported in my credit report, a drop of 10 points, bummer! 8-(

  17. @mauipeter The business card should not show up on your report. However the credit inquiry will show up on your report and will last 2 years.

  18. I’ll get this card. I travel to Asia frequently on carriers including AA and CX. Anyone know if Barkley’s CDW for rental cars is still primary?

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