A Virgin America enhancement?

Just saw this announcement over on Virgin America’s website, which seems great on the surface:

The Clubhouse at SFO
An Exclusive Offer for our Guests traveling in First Class

Virgin America presents yet another reason to fall in love with flying: Our guests in first class may now enjoy the SFO Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. This is a stylish retreat where you can catch up on work, get caught up on the latest newspapers and magazines, zone out in front of the TV, enjoy delicious food, or simply unwind at the full bar overlooking fabulous views of the Bay.

OK, awesome, finally something which distinguishes Virgin America from the rest, but:

This is first class luxury and it’s all yours for only $40 per visit.

Hmm, now I’m not sure what exactly to think about this. On one hand it’s cheap that they’re charging First Class guests for lounge access (although they’re already a great deal), but at the same time I feel that the opportunity to purchase lounge access (at a relatively reasonable price) is better than not having the opportunity to purchase lounge access, especially since the Clubhouse is pretty nice. Still not a fan about the sneaky way they present this.


  1. Hi there, Lucky. Glad you’re blogging now. It seems that V. Amer. should have stated upfront, ” Our guests in first class may now enjoy the SFO Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse FOR A NOMINAL FEE.” Still, a great deal for $40+ a $189 SFO-LAX first class ticket! For food and a bar, I’d consider routing through SFO next time I need to go to LAX.

  2. Personally I think it is good news and not at all sneaky. Just think, when eleVAte finally gets going and offers status, one benefit might be lounge access. That would be a real plus.

  3. anyone know of a good site that shows the inside of the lounge? i can only find that standard pic that they show on the VA site. was wondering what kind of food and stuff they serve.


  4. Ahhh been reading through your old posts. I remember when this was still possible and I would gladly spend 40 bucks at SFO and head to the clubhouse for cocktails and a three course meal all for just $40 bucks.

    Can you still do this at the clubhouse in SFO if flying first on VX

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