A few random things that aren’t worthy of their own post…

Well, I’ve seen a few interesting things today, none of which I know or care enough to make a single post about, so here’s a bit of a consolidation:

  • ANA is changing up their award chart a bit, making it more confusing (don’t we all just love that?). From what I can see (which is very little, despite having 240,00 ANA miles in my account), the major changes are that they have more short-haul award options as well as now charging for awards based on season. It seems as if they at least discounted the low season instead of making it the standard and increasing prices for the others, which is at least nice. First Class awards don’t have any difference in price based on seasons, but they did jack up the prices. I might be wrong on this, but it also seems like they recategorized the distances. I’m pretty sure before they had a 6,000-8,000 mile category, instead of the 7,000-9,000 they will have starting next month.
  • United elites can now use the Aloha lounges with a same day Aloha boarding pass. The interesting thing is that it is not just for Premier Executive members (Star Gold) and up, but for Premiers too! I’m curious whether Aloha is that desperate for customers and basically giving this as a free benefit, and as a result all status levels get this benefit, or if this is an actual enhancement which United is paying for. Either way it’s a nice benefit, although Aloha isn’t exactly a great airline.
  • Alaska Airlines is improving their meal service between SEA and LAX/SFO. Los Angeles is understandable, but it’s impressive that we’ll start to see real food to San Francisco. United unveiled some snacks on lunch and dinner flights between SEA and SFO last November, and although not substantial, it’s something. I’m curious whether United will step it up a notch to compete with Alaska or not.
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  1. Aloha has been slaughtered by Mesa / Go!, just as Hawaiian. Having lived on Big Island for 2 years, times changed quickly for AQ once Go! launched.

    Living in Orange County, I elected AQ over UA for my first year due to their non stop from KOA to SNA Daily on the small 737. I can remember when they gave out one free drink per customer, free headsets and a few other things when I first started on them. How the times have changed…

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