50,000 United Mileage Plus miles for United Visa

Via View from the Wing:

According to this Flyertalk thread, Chase is offering 50,000 miles as a signup bonus (after $250 in spend) for a Mileage Plus Visa.

The offer isn’t available online, you have to call. From the thread,

Call Mileage Plus Customer Service (1-800-421-4655 for non-elites)

1. Choose “manage my account”
2. Let them know your mileage plus number and zip code
3. Say “more options”
4. Finally say “apply for a United mileage plus card”.

And tell the rep that you’re calling for the 50,000 mile signup bonus offer.

All reports on-thread so far are positive.

Not sure how many of you are in a position to apply for another Chase credit card after having applied for the British Airways card recently, but this is quite an offer.

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  1. According to the thread, having applied for the BA card recently is a non issue. Fantastic news!

  2. Just signed up! Call took about 15 minutes and was hard to hear the agent with all the other agents in the background… Instant approval!

  3. This goes back to the post about the flight attendants hawking card applications in flight. Imagine just signing up and getting 20k miles and then finding out about this!!

  4. Received an email solicitation for this offer today. The link contained a Solicitation Number and my last name, so very targeted.

  5. My husband just got this offer, we applied and are waiting for the card. I got a similar offer a year or so ago, which was great.

    The thing I notice that is different with this latest one is that instead of getting 2,500 miles as a bonus for each additional cardholder, you get one bag checked for free for up to 9 people (?). I’d rather have the miles, but it’s still a great offer.

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