50,000 mile sign-up bonus for Chase Continental credit card

Chase is offering the best sign-up bonus ever on the Continental Mastercard. The offer is 50,000 miles after the first purchase. Stupidly, I signed up for the card a couple of months ago when they were offering 30,000 miles after the first purchase, given that Continental and United’s frequent flyer programs are soon merging, meaning the time remaining to get a Continental credit card is limited. Then they increased the offer to 30,000 miles plus a $50 statement credit. And now there’s this.

For better or for worse, Continental and United miles will probably be combined into a single account sometime early next year, so even if you don’t have a use for 50,000 Continental miles, they can contribute nicely to an award, should you have a balance of United miles.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I saw on a different blog, that someone sent them a secured message and they gave them confirmation for the additional 25,000. I called and tried to get it, but they said no way. I then sent a secured message through the website, so we will see! might was well try it.

  2. My 30k offer just came online TODAY. I sent a secure message explaining the phone agent who processed the account said to ask for the current “reward” offer. Hope this works.

    This will be a nice combo once CO merges into UA accounts.

  3. @Mary,

    Hopefully someone who has done this will correct me if I’m wrong but this is what I think they are saying.

    Go to the credit card site (web page) that Chase has and log into your account. There is probably an option to send them a message/email. Usually that email is secure (shown by the web page address starting with https: instead of just http and shown often by a lock symbol).

    I’m at work now so I haven’t done anything and don’t have access to some web pages.

  4. @ Mary,
    Rich(AZ) was right, that is what I did and today I got the CONFIRMATION! they will give me the addtional 25,000 CO miles! yippee! I love this game!

    try it lucky!

  5. I’ve seen the 30,000 mile ads for quite some time, but took the plunge when I read this blog post. I live in Houston and there’s no good reason for me *not* to sign up. I immediately made a purchase to start the 50,000 mile processing.

    Does anyone know, on average, how long it takes for the promotional miles to show up in your OnePass account?

  6. I got the 50k bonus offer in the mail, but when I entered the email address they gave (continental.com/50k bonus) I got zip. Was able to find a link thru one of these blogs, went thru the entire credit application process, then got the continental logo screen with “please wait a moment” which has now been on 2 hrs. No e confirmation of the application. It’s just stalled. They make it as difficult as possible to take advantage of their offers. Who should I call? I have no Chase acct. Appreciate hearing from you. Offer xpires 5/15.

  7. I just signed up and I got to a confirmation page indicating I now have a credit card with the 4 last digits being XXXX (I got numbers but you don’t need to know them). However, I didn’t get an email for signing up as I would imagine I would/should get. I also signed up for the continental One pass frequent flyer program. I’m guessing that is going to work off the bat, especially because I did get an email about this. I’ve been hearing people who signed up with a similar United Airlines deal only getting 30K in miles and another person mentioning they got the 50K miles, but the annual fee was not waived. I usually cancel these before the year is up to avoid the annual fees.

  8. I signed up for a Chase credit card that offered 25k points. The same day I received an email invitation to sign up for a Chase cc and receive 50k points. Immediatly, I called Chse customer service and gave them the invitation number to process the 50k promotion. The cust service rep said that she would process the request. When I received the card it was for 25k. I called cust service but they said that the promo number was incorrect. Of course, by that time I had deleted my emails and no longer had the promo number. Has anyone experienced this? Does any know of a site with the promo code?

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