$35 Uber credit for new members

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I actually just signed up for Uber for the first time. I’ve used Uber several times with friends, though for whatever reason I can’t quite figure out, I’ve never actually signed up. For those of you not familiar with it, Uber is basically the future of car services. They’re an on demand car service whereby you use their app to request a car, and one will show up (usually) within minutes. They can see your location and you can see their location. Best of all there’s no cash with the transaction, and you’re automatically charged through Uber. Tip is even included. Best of all it’s not even that much more expensive than a cab.

Anyway, they have a standard sign-up bonus of $10, though right now through Gilt there’s an additional $25 bonus for new members, for a total of $35, more than enough for a “free” ride.

To get the bonus you can first order a free $25 Uber bonus certificate for new members through Gilt City, which can be done here. You should receive an email with the free $25 certificate within half an hour or so of placing the order.

Once that’s complete you can sign up for Uber, and will automatically be given a $10 credit. You can sign up using my referral link, or otherwise feel free to post your link below and people can sign up through there.

Once you have an Uber account and have received your $25 certificate, you can go to the “promotions” page of your Uber account and enter the promotion code from Gilt City. Your account will then reflect a $35 credit.

So if you’re as dumb as me and haven’t had an Uber account till today, hopefully this bonus is enough of a motivating factor. The $25 credit through Gilt City is available for a few more days, and has to be credited to your Uber account by August 22.

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  1. @Ben, “You don’t even have to tip.” In San Francisco and LA, where I have used Uber, a 20% tip is automatically included in my total.

  2. “it’s not even that much more expensive than a cab.” – WRONG. In my experience, it is materially more expensive than a cab.

  3. @ Despina — Sorry, meant to say “tip is included” in what you’re charged, and not that there is no tip.

  4. Here’s my link if anyone wants another $10 Uber referral option:

  5. Mark, Lucky – worth clarifying what you’re talking about with cost vs a cab. It varies by service offerings which vary by city. Uber black car service IS materially more expensive. For longer rides (say downtown to airport in Chicago) maybe $30 or more above a cab.

    However, Uber offers Taxi service in many major cities AT THE SAME COST AS A CAB. Legally in Chicago if its a taxi, uber or not, they are bound to taxi fare rules though uber adds a $1 booking fee now. You can choose your tip in this case (online ahead of rides only otherwise default 20%).

    UberX is another new offering that in experience is the same or cheaper than cab fares depending on length of rides but is done by private cars owned by uber rather than a taxi company.

  6. Just used Uber for the first time today! I actually used a traditional car service from Manhattan to Astoria-cost $12 plus tip. It was raining when I was trying to get back so I couldn’t find a cab and car service was delayed-Uberx car was there in 5 mins. Cost was 19$ including tip (flat rate). Was worth it…wouldn’t use all the time but great in certain circumstances. I don’t think it’s caught on as much in NYC as other places.

  7. I used t4edz referral link here’s mine please don’t skip me and use it! 😉


    or just ivaninvitesyou in the promotion code box

  8. I have found it to be about 50% more than a cab in general just for getting around a city. Uberx is sometimes a slight better deal, especially when you consider the tip is built in.

    There are also some really decent deals for airport service where the cabs charge you some multiplier. For example SFO-Palo Alto cabs charge 150% of the meter. Uber has a flat rate and you come out ahead. Another reasonable good bargain is from EWR-Manhattan.

  9. Thanks for the post! Just signed up and gave NickH $10.

    My referral code is uber.com/invite/uberbklyn

  10. Got off international flight in Lyon. Have to fool with wi-fi. Then send message to Uber. Then message comes back no car available. Then nice cab ride. Then DELETE uber. Done. End of story. Who needs the stress of wondering if they incorrectly charged your credit card.

  11. hi – this is so dumb, but i’ve followed all the steps and can’t find the gilt promo code to put in the promotions box at uber. where or what is the gilt promo code. thanks

  12. would someone please use mine? i posted it, but don’t think it was used. i’d appreciate it!

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