30% Off (Almost) All Etihad Fares, Including The Residence

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Per euflyer.com, Etihad has an amazing promotion code at the moment offering up to 30% off flights.


The promotion is valid for travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In order to apply the discount, simply use the following code on the Etihad booking page:

  • FLYTUES11 for travel on Tuesdays
  • FLYWED01 for travel on Wednesdays


The amazing thing about the promotion is that it seems to apply for virtually all fare classes and virtually all markets, regardless of whether you’re traveling one-way or roundtrip. This even includes travel in Etihad’s famous The Residence & First Class Apartment.

For example, this lowers a one-way fare in The Residence from Sydney to London via Abu Dhabi to “just” ~22,000AUD.


On a roundtrip ticket, that represents a savings of over 25,000AUD.


Ultimately we don’t know how long the promotion code will be around or all the terms, but if you’re able to make a booking with it, this is a value that’s tough to beat. It applies for everything from discounted economy tickets to The Residence, so you can’t beat a 30% (relatively) “no strings attached” discount on travel.



On top of this promotion, keep in mind that Etihad Guest is presently offering up to 4x miles for travel through next year, as long as you register and book by June 4, 2015.


Bottom line

I wouldn’t count on this promotion code sticking around very long, so if you’re interested I’d take advantage of this as soon as possible. You really can’t beat a 30% discount off just about any fare, assuming you don’t mind traveling Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


  1. Already snagged, was tipped off earlier, I knew you’d wouldn’t be too far behind Lucky. While not an error fare per say, It’s been suggested that it probably won’t last beyond the weekend – given the breadth of the discount which is certainly generous.

  2. The euflyer article is referencing the flyertalk thread that I was responding to earlier and took the plunge to book my tickets. My 5 seconds of fame, at last! Everything has gone through and I’ve had all the confirmations for my flights in J. I was tempted to upgrade to F, yet thought it’d be interesting to try out both classes on the A380 as we’re flying F in December.

  3. Have a frustrating time joining Etihad Guest. I input everything and it will not allow the “Country” to stay, keeps clearing it and saying I need to enter a country… grrrr…

  4. Hey people, do you know why Etihad doesn’t let you search for itineraries Europe-USA/South America (well, in this case GRU only). The promotion looks great, but those are the only routes i use to fly. Does Etihad not consider us, Europeans, a target audience for their US/SA flights? 🙂

  5. @ igor82j — Because for the most part they don’t publish fares in those markets, given how much backtracking is involved.

  6. @ Dan — Hah. I’d say I value The Residence at maybe $500 over a First Apartment, having seen them both firsthand.

  7. @ Brendan A — Etihad has very competitive fares in many markets, so knocking a further 30% off the fare makes their prices very attractive in many cases. I guess it depends how you define “worth it.”

  8. This would work for me as I need a flight from CMB to SFO later this year, however the EY flights are on Jet Airways Configured Aircraft. How do those planes compare? Alternatively I could go via AUH and onto DUB where I can go on Aer Lingus. Any input?

    Also what is going on with flights out of CMB? A month ago I was looking at fares from CMB to SFO were $1500 now the lowest showing is around $2200. Same with fares out of Oslo. Only cheap fares seem to be those by Turkish Airlines.

  9. Is there a way to use the coupon for multi-city search? There is no place to enter the code in the multi-city booking engine.

  10. So, where´s the tip of the hat here? Oh Oh…..you found this one by yourself? Newsflash, it´s been known for a while now and you took this again from somebody else without giving proper credit.

    And you are still waiting for my apologies? Never gonna get them.

    Another 90´s kid that has no idea how the world works. GROW THE HELL UP!

  11. YEAH! GROW THE HELL UP you deal stealin 90’s kid! LOL!
    AI – sorry to interrupt your gasket blowing, but it clearly says at the top of the post “Per euflyer…”

  12. @lucky – do both outgoing and incoming need to be on Tuesdays (or Wednesdays), or is outgoing enough to fulfil criterion?

    btw – it definitely didnt work for December flights to and from Sydney, both on wednesdays. Even tried a one way. Still no joy.

  13. @Lucky I was very interested you said “I’d say I value The Residence at maybe $500 over a First Apartment, having seen them both firsthand”. I’d probably go a little further, but I’m in full agreement that given the quality of the First Apartment, it just doesn’t make sense to pay multiples extra for The Residence.

    For those having trouble with dates on Etihad, it seemed that the outward bound leg had to be booked sometime before the end of the year in order for the discount to take. It wouldn’t work for me in December, but it did in Sep, so it appears there is a must travel before date (although your return leg does seem like it can be done much later). If they haven’t pulled the discount altogether yet, I suggest playing with the dates (bringing them closer) until they lock in the discount.

  14. @ Blake : A different browser might help. I usually use Safari but I keep a copy of Firefox, with no extensions installed, for websites with pesky problems just like yours.

  15. Made my day. Just bagged a Sydney to Dublin on the A380 Business class for $3638 AUD one way. It was $5k when I went to book last week but got sidetracked and didn’t book. Cheers

  16. What a deal all ready booked J JFK-BOM- JFK no looking at J for LHR -MNL-MAN

    looks like the offer will be ending today (script from the dest URL)… lets hurry and bag these tickets before this code expires!

  17. I’m looking right now from JFK-AMD-JFK for October 20-27 (Tuesdays) and I tried the promo code FLYTUES11. But it says “Invalid promo code used
    The promotion code you’ve provided is not valid for the search criteria you’ve made.”

    Fare right now is $942 with taxes. Please help.

  18. @ Kieran — I guess more accurately I should say that if I were traveling with someone I might just prefer two First Apartments to one Residence.

  19. @ Vicky — I do prefer Etihad planes to Jet Airways planes, though both can still be good, definitely better than many alternatives.

  20. Looks like they’ve finally revoked the codes!
    I’ve been searching for a few days and managed to book a few flights – was just about to do another but it seems both codes no longer work! Good pickup though managed to score a BKK-AUH-LON in J for 1220 inc of all taxes!

  21. Actually no I take that back – they’ve just further restricted the validity dates of the codes…

  22. To clarify, it’s only the outward leg that needed to be on a Tues (for Tues code) or Weds (for Weds code). I made multiple use of the Tues code for bookings, for outward bound Tues flights but with return legs happening on Mondays and Thursdays (and I got the discount rate for both legs).

    Was too great a deal to only use once lol

  23. 🙁

    the promo code doesn’t work anymore.
    I wanted to fly with them business from London to Bangkok.
    Are there any current valid promo codes that are available?


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