$22 Delta Sky Club passes back today

For today only, Groupon is once again offering Delta Sky Club passes for $22 for the Raleigh market (though anyone can get them). If you don’t already have access to the Sky Club, this is quite a good deal for a long layover, even if you’re flying another airline.

(Tip of the hat to Frugal Travel Guy)

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  1. This is NOT a good deal compared to what you can get them for on ebay. I have 4 with a cost average of under $15 each.

  2. Does anyone know how strict they are about enforcing the 21+ rule for clubs with self service bars? I know that the minimum age for UA Red Carpet Clubs is supposed to be 18, but I’ve purchased and used a one-time-pass at the club multiple times ever since I was 14 or so. The last time I was there, the agent actually offered me 2 free drink coupons(!), even though I’m only 18.

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