2014 WestJet Christmas Miracle Video

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Some of you may recall WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video from last year, which went super viral. In it they asked WestJet passengers what they wanted for Christmas, and then miraculously what they asked for showed up at baggage claim at their destination. It was a brilliant concept.

The YouTube video of it has over 36 million views:

WestJet is back this year with another Christmas Miracle video:

On one hand I really like what they’re doing here. Anytime a company gives back like that it makes me happy, even if their intentions aren’t exclusively altruistic.

On the other hand, I don’t get what any of this actually has to do with WestJet. Part of what made last year’s video so brilliant was that they were able to tie in giving with the airline in an ingenious way. This year, as cute as the video is, I don’t get what it actually has to do with WestJet.

It did put a huge smile on my face, though I don’t think it was especially creative, at least from the perspective of an airline.

What do you think of WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video this year? Do you like it more or less than last year’s video?

  1. Perhaps Westjet is trying to tap into the Dominican Republic market?

    Personally, I prefer last year’s video.

  2. I agree. Last year’s video was fantastic… this one.. it’s just gift giving…I’m not saying that’s not great…. but not innovative like last year’s…. I didn’t get choked up with this one as I did with last year’s

    And now that WestJet has done this for few years now.. and the video is seen by millions… people are going to expect it…. next time they see a WestJet setup with a talking Santa on a video screen at an airport… hmmm yes santa.. i want would love a Pool Table and a Xbox One… maybe a Hot Tub…. 2013 was a classic.

  3. Well, I think it’s fantastic. Given the community they helped this year, it’s doubtful few, if any, of those folks have internet or saw last year’s WestJet video. @Juno – Perhaps WJ thought of last year’s video and came to the same conclusion, so perhaps they will reach out to people and communities in new and innovative ways that folks won’t expect.

    @Lucky: sometimes, people will give to a business because they like the spirit behind the business. The people, what they do with profits, or (like WestJet) how they give back to communities. That has as much to do with WestJet as flying. I don’t think companies of any sort have to make ‘Giving Back’ a marketing gimmick to get people to do business with them.

    It was definitely different than last year’s video, but I was still moved by it and thought what WestJet did was admirable.

  4. They should have tied it in with the airline industry by announcing a new flight to the Dominican Republic.

  5. A couple things to put this in context:

    First, unlike last year’s video, this isn’t a one-time stunt. According to their “Why We Did It” video, Westjet has been doing community work there since 2012 and it is a long-term corporate social responsibility initiative. Apparently they have sent 200 employees there and have built 23 homes. Westjet puts a lot of effort into marketing their corporate culture as “caring” (which is supposed to translate into good customer service) and so a video like this emphasizes this. It is very much about Westjet the airline even though no planes are shown.
    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOUxDT5oUWA

    Second, it ties in directly to Westjet’s main customer base. When I saw they did this in the DR it made perfect sense to me from a marketing perspective. To understand this, it helps to be Canadian, particularly from the Eastern half of the country. Thousands and thousands of Canadians head down there in the winter (one of my co-workers was there last week, for example) and I totally associate Westjet with that type of leisure market. Right now, many people are booking their trips and the video creates a positive association with Westjet. That type of travel (to all-inclusive beach resorts) isn’t my cup of tea, but I doubt there is anyone in this part of Canada who does not at least have a friend or relative who goes there (or Cuba).

  6. We all should be self critical as we do our good deeds in the world……..but we should continue to do those good deeds over and over again and maybe…..just maybe the idea spreads………..I love the way this company is wired and if I was in their market I would go out of my way to use their product………..

  7. I think its a great video. If anything, brings back the true spirit of xmas to those less fortunate than us in the first world. Not all videos have to feed back to promoting a product. The idea that Westjet is a company that goes out of its way to be nice to people and give to disadvantaged communities makes me want to support them. Good on em.

  8. I loved last years video for the “surprise facto”r, but I believe I prefer this years giving to the less fortunate (those unable to afford to fly in the first place) and even more so after reading the details in [email protected]’s comment!

  9. @[email protected]

    THANK YOU for that information, especially about people in Canada making the Dominican Republic a go-to vacation spot. A few years ago one of my close work friends (who lives in Toronto) said that he was going to go down there with his family, and I remember thinking “The Dominican Republic? Where did *that* come from?!”

    This helps explain it from a cultural perspective, as in the US it’s just not that popular a place – in fact, I don’t know anyone, personally, who’s ever been there, and I know people who travel quite seriously.

    Thanks again!

  10. While last year’s video was certainly cool, I agree that this year’s video is wonderful as well because it exposes the charitable efforts of WestJet in that area. I think the “Why We Did It” video is a must-watch because it explains a lot of things, especially about the playground and bins.

    Apparently, a nearest playground was 20-minute drive away and was paid. This one is free and is near a school, I think, because they mentioned that kids now come in early to school to play before classes and there are now even more kids that want to enroll.

    The plastic bins will serve as storage containers for families because there’s lots of water/leaks even inside houses so stuff gets wet.

    P.S. They do mention it’s the end of “Blue Santa Trilogy” so next year would be something different.

  11. I could see and feel the excitement and the joy bursting out of all the individuals involved in both videos. I saw people coming together, so happy and truly grateful, hugging and excited not just for themselves but for others. I saw santa and his helpers thoroughly enjoying what they were doing and hugging all those who wanted to show their appriciation for how grateful and thankful they were. I cried with tears of joy throughout both videos, it touched my heart as I am sure it did for all those involved in both videos. This world could use more of these kind acts. Thank you West Jet you have shined a bright light in a dark world.

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