15% off most Delta flights through Alitalia

Through 11:59PM EDT on September 24, Alitalia is offering 15% off flights booked through their website. This includes flights on their partner SkyTeam carriers, including Delta. You just have to use promotion code WEEK15US to get the 15% discount.

Take, for example, New York to Los Angeles roundtrip for October 13-20. Delta.com prices the itinerary at $395.60.

If you go to Alitalia.com and search for the same itinerary, you’ll get exactly the same price.

When you get to the page that displays the price you’ll see a box at the bottom left which reads “E-COUPON.” Simply enter the code WEEK15US, and the price will be updated to reflect the 15% discount.

Alitalia also has a 24-hour free cancellation policy, just as if you booked with Delta.

Can’t beat this deal if you’re a Delta flyer and have some travel to plan!

(Tip of the hat to Point Me to the Plane)


  1. Alitalia isn’t showing availability for all skyteam it seems. i can’t find tickets for Korean Air on their website.

  2. Trying to book HNL-LAX for 3 adults, 1 child over the winter break. Won’t let me book the child, unspecified error. Called their website help, but they couldn’t book it over the phone since Alitalia metal doesn’t fly the route. Tried booking the child as an adult but payment services have been unavailable for 30 min. We’ll see what happens in another 30.

  3. I want to use flight booked through this offer as positioning flights fire a delta award and was.wondering if having alutalia issues ticket might lead to greater.issues during irregulae operations?

  4. @ Jay — If you’re traveling exclusively on Delta it really shouldn’t cause any issues since they can rebook you if there are any irregular operations.

  5. It looks like DL SWUs cannot be used with these since the terms of a DL PU503 upgrade include the following language: “Tickets must be validated on DL/006 ticket stock and the PNR must contain a DL operated or marketed flight.” 🙁 Damn it…

  6. YEAAAA… Now the discount went through, but the booking process encountered an error. I guess I’ll keep plugging away!

  7. Hmm…maybe there are some decent UP fares available. With the farecompare Flyertalk tool dead and gone, where is the best place to see a list or map of available UP fares?

  8. Hmm … 6 hours in trying to book, and the E-coupon is accepted, discount applied but there is always a “booking error” and makes me start over. Call Alitalia… “Sir, it is 1 in the morning, there is no one here who is able to help you with the website” HAHAHA. I wonder, has anyone managed to book and purchase the discounted tickets?

  9. Can this be used to book domestic DL itineraries? I know lucky priced something above, and I can get it to price, but it throws an error. Anyone successfully ticketed something purely domestic on DL metal?

  10. This has been going on all summer. Due to the high amount of flights booked now I guess that from now on this will be pulled and only possible on Alitalia operated flights.

  11. Has anyone purchased business class tickets from the Alitalia site? I too would like to purchase some domestic UP fares for upcoming work trips. After doing a dummy booking on the Alitalia site, I am having difficulty finding the fare basis to verify what I am purchasing….an -UP fare or an actual business/first fare. I don’t know of another website, other than ITA or perhaps EF, to correlate the fare basis to the fare price quoted on the Alitalia website.

  12. I entered a flight mco-hnl and it looks like only about 1/2 the mileage is/will be credited. I have not gone past the page to confirm the flights or had a chance to add my Delta FF #. Could this be a downside?

  13. Hi Lucky, it was showing on Alitalia website ticket details page, right next to the arrival time. Maybe that is correct if you use your Alitalia ff#?

  14. Just posting a warning to anyone who might stumble on here later. Don’t book unless you are sure. I tried to cancel within 24 hours and it’s been hell. Their website is unequivocal that you get a full refund without penalty. Good luck trying to get an agent to enforce that and there is no way to do it online. I’m at the point where I am going to call Chase and deny the charges.

  15. Te Alitalia website doesn’t exactly have every Delta airport available. I tried to book my Thanksgiving flight from SLC to LEX and Lexington isn’t available. Considering that Delta usually flies to Lexington from ATL, DTW, MSP, & CVG there should be no shortage of Skyteam flights.

  16. Lucky, judging from the flyertalk thread you got your timezone incorrect, it’s not EDT, it’s CET. If only I had looked at FT before …

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