$129 Travelzoo rate for InterContinental San Francisco

Yes, I realize I promote the InterContinental San Francisco as much as Gary promotes W & Westin bedding and bath products (hey, they’re both great products). šŸ˜€

Anyway, the InterContinental San Francisco has a refundable Travelzoo rate of $129 for the following dates for bookings made by February 5:

  • Feb. 3-15, 19-22, 24-28
  • Mar. 4-7, 13-19, 24-31
  • Apr. 1-9, 15-18, 23-25, 29-30
  • May 1-2

That’s enough for me to plan a trip to the Bay Area next month (hopefully).


  1. I just got my valentine’s weekend book at that rate and by that time my status should have change to Royal Ambassador,thanks to Ebay for $450 RA cert and thanks to LUCKY for such a great deal!


  2. @JOSH — You really shouldn’t advertise the ebay thing unless you want to quickly become a former Royal Ambassador.

  3. LUCKY,

    Just a friends of mine,I ‘ll see how it goes… I will be doing my MR that weekend but will have 2 days break in between @SFO.
    What will you be doing on your valentine’s, I’m assuming MR right? You are invited to join us if you like.


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