10% award ticket refunds for AAdvantage Citi cardmembers posting!

Last month I blogged about the benefits American added to their co-branded Citi AAdvantage credit cards. My favorite benefit as an elite member is the 10% mileage refund on award redemptions, up to 10,000 miles per year. The benefit is as follows:

Earn 10% Back on Your Redeemed American Airlines AAdvantage® Miles

For benefit to apply, your Citi® / AAdvantage® account must be open and active at the time of redemption. The American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles you earn through this benefit will be based on 10% of the total AAdvantage® miles you redeem each month during the calendar year. The maximum number of AAdvantage® bonus miles you can earn annually from this benefit is 10,000 AAdvantage® bonus miles per calendar year, regardless of how many AAdvantage® miles you redeem in that calendar year. This benefit only applies to AAdvantage® miles redeemed from the primary cardmember’s AAdvantage® account. Discover all the ways to redeem AAdvantage® miles at www.aa.com/redeem. Please allow 6-8 weeks after your redemption for the American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles to post to the primary cardmember’s AAdvantage® account.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see 6,250 AAdvantage miles deposited into my account this evening, back dated to my booking date. This was for a 62,500 mile award ticket for travel on Japan Airlines. There was a bit of confusion as to whether or not this benefit applied to award redemptions on partner airlines as well, so I’m happy to see that is in fact the case.

This benefit alone more than justifies the $95 annual fee of the card, since I’ll basically be earning 10,000 miles per year on the card just for keeping it in my sock drawer and paying the annual fee. Less than a cent per mile? Yes please!

Kudos to American for this new benefit!

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  1. @Ben

    Is this benefit only retroactive to the date of the announcement? I.E. are award tickets booked from early March going to be eligible for the refund?

  2. I made an award redemption on Mar 11 and didn’t get anything in my account, it must have been too early

  3. Nice. My 10k miles redemption bonus for flights purchased in early April posted today as well! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. “My favorite benefit as an elite member is the 10% mileage refund on award redemptions…”

    My understanding was that any cardholder got 10% back up to 10k. Do you have to have AA elite status to get it?

  5. Does this work with the business card as well? And what if you have both cards? Do you get a double refund 🙂

  6. ditto here got 6250 in account. this is a pretty clever benefit as it encourages you to redeem rather than hoard, thus helping aa reduces liabilities and also encouraging a flow of aa points so aa sells more of them to citi to hand out. for once, a very well thought out card benefit

    papa smurf no double refunds. i have 6 citi cards so no 6x for me 🙂

  7. I’ve got the same question as HoKo. Booked an award in December to Bali later this month. It sounds like the credit won’t post until after the flight is flown, but will that even factor in for me since my award was booked prior to the announcement of these benefits?

  8. @HoKo & Nick E, officially the terms state that awards booked pre-announcement won’t be eligible for the refund. Unofficially, we’re still waiting to read reports on whether or not those flights “accidentally” slipped through and received the miles refund.

    At this point, I’m secretly hoping for a schedule change on my award flights so I can cancel and re-book (award space is wide open) in order to qualify for the refund. I don’t care enough to pay a redeposit fee, but I’ll definitely take advantage of a free cancellation and re-booking if I get the chance.

  9. @ New girl, thanks for the info. Here’s hoping that we slip through! The flights were ticketed on December 10th but were reissued at the end of January due to a schedule change. The only new change since then gave us a much more manageable layover in JFK, and since we’re leaving two weeks from today, no dice on another reissue!

  10. Do you have to use your Citi AA card to book the award ticket (taxes and fees) to get the refund?

  11. Do you have to use your AA card to pay the fees, or just have a card linked to the acccount? Also I just got charged my annual fee and sent a secure message asking if they could do anything to offset the fee, they credited me the entire fee!

  12. I answered my own question. No on the use of the AA card, my husband got 10,000 and I got 3750 for our First class hawaii tickets!!! Next question is how do you get the free checked bag? Will it automatically know by our AAdvantage # on reservations booked after the anouncement? I flew a week ago on a flight booked previous and still paid for the bag.

  13. @ HoKo — It’s only retroactive to April 1, to the best of my knowledge.

    @ paul — Right, only from April 1 forward, unfortunately.

    @ milevalue — Sorry for any confusion. Wasn’t saying that it only applies to elite members, but rather that as an elite member I value it more than the other benefits (like priority boarding, which I already get).

    @ Papa Smurf — Personal cards only, unfortunately, and best I can tell you can’t “double dip” even if you have two personal card types.

    @ Nick E — Anecdotal evidence suggests that the refund is actually posting after booking and potentially before the flight is flown. Unfortunately it’s only for bookings made after April 1.

    @ Rebecca — Nope, no need to actually use the card.

  14. @ Tracy — The fact that you have the card should be linked to your AAdvantage number, so you should really just tell them. Worst case scenario you can show the card.

  15. Yes, mine posted a week after purchase, even though the award tickets will not be used until 2013.

  16. Do you have to pay for the award ticket (the taxes, etc.) with your Citi AA card in order to get the 10% miles back? Or can you use any card (Like Chase Sapphire!) to purchase the award ticket and as long as you still own the Citi AA card you automatically get the 10% back?

  17. @ Lauren — There’s no need to actually pay with the card. As long as you’re the primary account holder on the credit card and your AAdvantage number is linked, it will automatically post.

  18. Will this apply to normal AAdvantage status members? (i.e. non-elite flyers)
    I have a CITI AAdvantage AMEX card, wonder if being a non-status OW flyer will qualify…

  19. How much of a schedule change does there need to be to get them to redeposit the miles for free?

  20. @ flyer708 — These benefits have nothing to do with status, so they all apply regardless of status.

    @ Tara — I don’t think there’s a published number for American. I think anything that’s justifiable will work.

  21. So I booked an open jaw award on Cathay round trip to Asia in business for January 2013 for 110,000 mies. The 10% miles (10,000) posted quickly to my account. Then less than a week later they disappeared. Wondering what is up with that and waiting for AA customer service to open to see if I can figure out what happened. Sure would like those miles back!

  22. Called AA customer service and they are claiming the miles were NEVER added, even though I know they were added to my account and then deleted. The agent on the line claims that if I can come up with a screen shot saved on my hard drive to prove this, that would help. I suggested that that is ridiculous. Obviously, most people don’t keep screen shots of their miles statements to verify that things were added and deleted. I didn’t imagine it, nor do I find it comforting that things can be both added and deleted with no record on their end. I am Platinum and the agent treated me like I was lying or worse, nuts.

  23. In regards to your statement “This benefit alone more than justifies the $95 annual fee of the card, since I’ll basically be earning 10,000 miles per year on the card just for keeping it in my sock drawer and paying the annual fee”, you mean that you’re earning the 10,000 miles back after you redeem 100,000 miles correct? So essentially, I would have to redeem 100,000 miles a year to receive the 10,000 miles back?

  24. Does the award ticket have to be issued to the account holder or can it be booked for a family member and still get the 10% rebate?

  25. Lucky: I’m sure I’m being dense–this sounds too good to be true–so I want to make sure I’ve got this correctly. I am going to use 270,000 Advantage miles to book first class travel from SFO-BKK on Cathay Pacific. I have three Citi-branded cards (AMEX, visa personal, visa biz). Am I correct that I will automatically receive 10,000 in my account as a refund for my award redemption (I’m assuming 10,000 per each card is a no-go)? Thanks for clarifying.

  26. @ FlyerDad — Yep, that’s exactly correct. You’d get a total of 10,000 miles redeposited in your account within a few weeks. You can’t earn the bonus from multiple cards in a single account though.

  27. was awesome to find the 8000 deposited into my account. didn’t know it existed until i read my statement today. plus, i tried to cancel the card a month ago and they waived my annual fee!

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